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The 35th “The Dharma’s Miraculous Program”

Update: 26/12/2012
On occasion of the 72nd Seven-day Cultivation, Hoang Phap pagoda implemented “The 35th Dharma Miraculous Program” in the Dec 25, 2012 afternoon (Lunar Nov 13, Dragon Year). The character in the program was Tinh Quy (Cu Chi-HCMC), 44 year-old Buddhist.

The 35th  “The Dharma’s Miraculous Program”


In the life, due to obscuration from ignorance, people are greedy of material, compete and seek for fame, etc, which leads to suffering, deadlock, constant insecurity… Perhaps, Buddhist Tinh Quy’s life would be a series of such days, if there were not a causational chance of meeting teacher’s practice directions; hence changing spirit and mind. When starting to believe in taking Triratna refuges, know to cultivate for physical and mental reformation, he resolved the deadlock, insecurity in his life to become a husband, a father with responsibility for his family as well as a devout, diligent Buddhist. In the program, he shared his experience to change themselves and his causation to meet Dharma as well as recommended to those, who made mistakes amending them to renovate the life. It is the words of Senior Ven Thich Chan Tinh summed up at the end of the program: “All makes mistake in life, but the importance is to know to recognize and modify it”.

To clearly understand the wrong and the process changing the Buddhist Tinh Quy’s life, please watch more details in “the 35th Dharma’s Miracle” VCD. The website editorial board will upload as soon as possible on “the Dharma Sound” website:



Translated by Thien Loc

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