Marvelous Dharma

The 32nd Buddha"s Wonderful Dharma Program.

Update: 10/04/2012
Today, 07th December 2011 (13th Lunar November of the Cat Year), the second day of the 69th retreat course, Hoang Phap Monastery organized the 32nd Magical Buddhist Dharma Talk program.

The 32nd Buddha


The main character in\r\nthe talk was comedian Hong To, who got rid of the temptation of gambling\r\n(casino) to live better, do more good deeds and has brought real benefits for\r\nBuddhism.  He used to become entangled in gambling because he wanted\r\nto get rich quick. But it is generally said that: "Gambling can lead to\r\npoverty." and he frequently got short of money because of gambling loss.\r\nAlso, at that time he had suffered many other consequences: family breakdown,\r\nbeing always in scare worry and distress because of debts and damaged\r\nreputation. In desperation, thanks to good roots she was then in with a chance\r\nof meeting with lots of wise and virtuous people, who admonished him to go to\r\npagoda, shows repentance for his mistakes, and gives up that bad habit with\r\ndetermination. From the misery, humiliation that he underwent when becoming\r\nengrossed in gambling, with his willpower, he was determined to change his life\r\nfor the better, and not go astray anymore. On the journey to renew him, in the\r\nabsolute faith in the Three Jewels and sincere repentance, the magic happened\r\nto him and he had a lot of advantages in life, especially at work. Those\r\nsuccessful things with the serenity, the joy of life that he enjoyed magically\r\nthrough many charity performances at the pagodas on major holidays, he has\r\nreally turned over a new leaf.


For details of what magic happened to him with his\r\nsensational intimate revelation about his life, please watch the 32nd Magical\r\nBuddhist Dharma Talk Program that will be released on our Website soon


These are some following recorded images:

Translated into English by Khanh Linh.

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