Marvelous Dharma

The 31st Buddha"s Wonderful Dharma Program.

Update: 18/10/2011
Today, 18th October 2011 (22nd Lunar September, the Cat Year), the Magical Buddhist Dharma Talk was organized at every seven- day retreat at Hoang Phap Monastery. It is believed to contain precious Buddha’s teachings, giving Buddhists the motivation to practice the Dharma and place their stable faith in the Three Jewels. This time, the 31st program continues to be warmly welcomed by many of the Buddhists in the seven-day retreat.

The 31st Buddha


The main character in the talk is the layman Buddhist Nhat\r\nTrung, who had an incredibly creative mind in the business of making fresh food\r\nto satisfy the customers, whose taste is to enjoy sensual pleasure of\r\nwitnessing the slaughter of live animals before they are processed and become\r\ntheir favorite food. He was not scared of watching any scene of slaughter; he\r\nhimself also craved to watch the animals being tortured and delighted himself\r\nin the scene.  He tried a variety of slaughter: tying live monkeys\r\nand cutting its skull in the way that the top part of the brain is exposed and\r\nhe ate the brain while the monkey was still alive!   pouring\r\nladle by ladle of boiling water over the live cat  hair until it shed\r\nits hair itself  without removing its hair or tying a cow and  cutting\r\nits tail (because he wanted to eat the animal when it was alive), etc ... And\r\nhe had to undergo  instant retribution :  Within 2 years,\r\nhis 6 close relatives suddenly died; he himself had severe headache, resorting\r\nto banging his head against a brick wall frequently to find relief for his\r\npain; he broke out in a rash and horny layer  of strange animals\r\nshapes; his daughter  became  pallid, and grew her hair on\r\nthe back ...


Fortunately, thanks to his good deeds in many lives in the\r\npast, he had a chance to meet with lots of wise and virtuous people, one of\r\nwhom was the Junior Venerable Thich Thien Thanh that enlightened him. Currently\r\nhe is a vegetarian, maintains repentance, and holds deep-seated belief in the\r\nlaw of cause-effect and vows to be a devout Buddhist forever, be willing to\r\nhelp any people who are suffering because of being on the wrong way.


For more details about what magic that helped him completely\r\nchange his mind, practice repentance, and take refuge in the Three Jewels.\r\nPlease watch the VCD of The 31st Magical Buddhist Dharma Program which will be\r\nuploaded soon afterwards


These are some following recorded images:


Translated into English by Khanh Linh.


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