The 2nd Program of “Sun Flowers”

Update: 27/08/2013
In the morning of August 26th, 2013 (July 20th, Snake year), on occasion of the 74th Buddha recitation, the organization board continued with the program of “The 2nd Sun Flower” majored by Viet Trinh, an actor and a director. The program was participated by Abbot Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and more than 2500 Buddhists, including some close friends of hers

The 2nd Program of “Sun Flowers”


Since 1991 - 1996, Viet Trinh was a familiar name to\r\naudience through a series of films such as A Jade in Stone, Decree of Track\r\ndown the Wanted, Hardship at the Border, Miss Beauty of Tay Do, ect. In the\r\nfortune period as performance, her name is the first choice from film\r\nDirectors. Calendars of her photos were chosen and hung solemnly at home as an\r\nexpression of admiration for "a beautiful girl with sad eyes."

After a while, we no longer did see her on the small screen,\r\nviewers remember her name, but in the entertainment World which they had some\r\nmalicious rumors. Recently, Viet Trinh has appeared in a new role with the\r\nfilming projects, including Buddhist movies

What is the difference between the return of the director\r\nViet Trinh this time and Viet Trinh of the 1990 year? By the time of “Sun\r\nFlowers” program, she has shared sincerely with Buddhists about her life,\r\nglory, and mistakes, and enlightenment of hers on the way to attain the Truth,\r\nthe Good, the Beauty.

1. Her childhood and desire for an actress

Viet Trinh’s parents have been separated as she was young.\r\nThat her mother loves her very much compensates it did still craved for a\r\nfather like another child. The absence of the father caused her character to be\r\nmore powerful. Seeing her mother bringing up seven children for school, she was\r\nlooking forward to her growing up quickly in order to support her mother.

The hard time may also burn her desire to change her fate.\r\nIn 7th grade, when watching the crew making film in the alley where she lived,\r\na famous actor at the time called her and said, "This girl will become an\r\nactor in the future”. These words accidentally fell on her head - to become an\r\nactor. Although the family encouraged her to follow pedagogical career, she\r\ninsisted on pawning her jewelry to pay school fees as an actor after succeeding\r\nin a contest. Since then, the audiences have known her gradually.

2. Fame and her greed, hatred, and delusion

After two unknown years playing as the public, as a simple\r\nservant, Viet Trinh had been paid the attention of by audiences and directors.\r\nSince then, her acting career began to flourish with the quick fame and glory.

The name Viet Trinh became most famous when she was at the\r\npinnacle of glory in acting. However, the early reputation at twenty made ​​her\r\nbecame an arrogant proud star. She said that the success that had woe too\r\nquickly changed her character, and she confirmed that in the years 1991 - 1997\r\nshe was a hateful girl.

Typically, she began to "avenge" the former ones\r\nwho had treated her badly by doing unflavored to them. She allowed her own\r\nright to come soon and late in her work, promised a performance then dropped\r\nit. Because of her hatred, and delusion, and jealousy, she envied with others\r\nwho are more beautiful, wealthy on tech- high car. Besides, with pretentious\r\nyouth, she always tried to show that she was a rich person in the eyes of her\r\nfriends. Therefore, living in the vision months of fame, she grew a bad cause\r\nunexpectedly.

3. Falling and depravation

It was the greed, hatred, and delusion that had opened a way\r\nfor her to enter a lifetime of suffering and despair. Her shocks in life, the\r\nneglect from the audiences and producers pushed her to depression and deadlock.\r\nShe was out of control, locked herself in the room and finally forgot these in\r\nalcohol. Alcohol addiction makes her body and spirit worn out. She accused the\r\nlife of brings her hopeless suffering, and sometimes seemed to suicide.

5. Her repentance and enlightenment

Commonly, when people were in the extreme suffering\r\nhopelessly, they thought of the pagoda, fell into despair in the tunnel without\r\nany light, they rely on the Buddha. The big shocks of her life (her brother\r\ndied in a traffic accident, and her mother also died of grief) made ​​her\r\nrealize that life is impermanent. She tried to live a different way, and did\r\nmore charitable. Initially, she only prayed for her mother, her brother, and\r\nfor herself less suffering.

Gradually, the Buddha’s teachings accumulated into her\r\nthought, and she applied His teachings on the fall of her life and found them\r\nfor the great lives and not superstition. She reminisced on herself, and\r\nacknowledged the mistakes of the past, by which she sympathized with the youth:\r\n"If you are successful in your work, do not fall asleep in the victory,\r\nyou should choice the right to make, if not, you’ll receive severe\r\nsuffering."

Coming to the Buddhism, Viet Trinh felt that the suffering\r\nto be created by herself, she should daily spend time on the scrutiny, and\r\nremove the bad seed in the mind, develop good nature. Her favorite quote said:\r\n“Rancor doesn’t evade rancor; only compassion can resolve rancor.” In work, she\r\nhas always been mindful of what she did, always lived and acted on the Buddha’s\r\nteachings. At present her wish is to do the films sending messages of Buddhism\r\nsuch as "Six-gunas conditioning freed from worldly suffering”, "Returning\r\n1- 2 - 3", ... Recently, she has just finished the movie "Dear Mum,\r\nI’ve returned" She hopes the film will change the thinking and behavior\r\nfrom young people towards their parents.

Through conversation, she entrusted to Buddhists a heartfelt\r\nmessage from the contemplation of her life: “In life we would face with lots of\r\ncompetition and comparison. The very thing that we must practice rightfulness,\r\nvictory for our profits is perception to cause suffering to others. Live, work\r\nand practice in the proper way, avoid bad cause against better life later.

Ending the program, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh has\r\nreminders to all Buddhists. Through Viet Trinh’s story, he desired that\r\neveryone will find the change of hers in the past and present to think about\r\nthe Buddhas wild spreading dharma, which is the responsibility of both monks\r\nand at-home Buddhists. Life is good in case developing the dharma to many\r\npeople. Each person as a boat at sea will misled by storm waves some day.\r\nNowadays, we have the right way to lead to. That is the path of enlightenment\r\nof the Buddha. Therefore, each person should be a good pilot to steer the boat\r\nto the shore of peacefulness and happiness.

Finally, all were happy, and had some admiring words for the\r\ngreat program.

These are just some of the main points in the story leading\r\nto the Buddhism from Viet Trinh – an actor - director. The detailed\r\nconversation of the program will update by Editorial Board on website sooner.

Below are the pictures recorded:


 Translated by Huynh Thi Tuyet Ngoc.

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