The 2nd Ceremony of Taking Triratna Refuge in 2016

Update: 17/07/2016
On July 07th, 2016 (Lunar June 14th, Monkey year), the 2nd ceremony of taking Triratna Refuge in 2016 hold at Hoang Phap pagoda. Nearly 1,700 good men and believing women inside and outside Ho Chi Minh City returned to attend this ceremony.

The 2nd Ceremony of Taking Triratna Refuge in 2016


Taking Triratna Refuge is an essential beginning, which is on the path toward the supreme truth, which helps perfect our personality and becomes a useful human for family and society. With this meaning, every four months, Hoang Phap pagoda holds the ceremony of Taking Refuge in the Triratna for good men and believing women everywhere.

The ceremony took place during a day at Hoang Phap pagoda. In the morning, all good men and women gathered in preaching hall to listen to Junior Venerable Thich Tam Tien who shared the basic doctrines about Taking Triratna Refuge, the meaning of three Refuges and five Precepts, all related concepts such as Repentance, Buddhist name, upasaka, upasika, etc. Besides, the The Venerable lectureralso instructed the necessary dignities for Buddhists when they came to Buddhist temple such as holding hands, to bowing someone with holding hands, to prostrate, and offering for lunch, etc. 


In the evening of the same day, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda and the local monks officially ascended the platform to transmit Three Refuges, Five Precepts. After the incense rituals of Buddha recitation, the Senior Venerable proceeded the repentant manners, transmitted the Three Refuges and Five Precepts.

 Also in the ceremony, the Senior Venerable had some words to praise the desirous spirit of cultivating and studying from disciples who knew to return for refuging Triratna and lived a goodwill, moral life.

We have a lot of fortunes such as being human, listening to Buddhism, taking the refuge.

 Now, in the world, many religions lead people to the heresy. We should recognize the luck of being a Buddhist, because this is path that will lead us to happiness and peace at present and future.

After the repentence ritual, in the calm and solemn atmosphere, Venerable Thich Chan Tinh officially passed the Three Refuges, FivePrecepts to them. At the end of the ritual, The Venerable stated clearly the meaning and benefits of taking refuge and retaining Buddha’s teachings. Additionally, he reminded Buddhists to regularly visit the pagoda to cultivate Buddhist dharma, at least once per month on the Buddhist cultivation day. At the same time, each person, according to their family conditions, should set up a Buddhist altar at home to make offerings and bow.

The ceremony ended in the joy of everybody.

 On this occasion, the organizing board sent them Dharma gifts including: a summary history book about Sakyamuni Buddha, DVDs of Taking Triratna Refuge, Dignified Conduct of a Buddhist and The Gentle Advice

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