The 21st General Dharma

Update: 23/04/2016
In the 82nd Seven-Day Retreat, Hoang Phap pagoda had organized the 21st General Dharma on April 23rd, 2016 (Lunar March 17th Monkey Year)

The 21st General Dharma


In this event, Junior Venerable Thich Minh Thanh, Lecturer of High and Intermediate Buddhist colleges came and shared on the topic “Wakeful Lifestyle”.

The elaborate practice of each individual practitioner is most dramatically  expressed during one's own lifestyle. As a result, wakeful lifestyle shows someone having intensely elaborate practice on the Buddha’ s teachings. Also, this practice was fully expressed in our gestures and actions in daily life from waking until working and jobs…


In the dharma, the Jun. Ven. talked and guided the Buddhists very meticulously and detailedly about how to apply Buddhist teachings into every action and gesture.

“Waking up in smiles with valuablely twenty four hours”. Smiling plays the great part in our lives. The sinuous, up and down life makes people sorrow and suffering. If we can smile in any circumstance, we can osmotic of Buddha. The true smile will bring us the carefree, gentle, peaceful, and relaxed and not only we but also those around us can enjoy such happiness.

The day starts in the morning by waking up with every action such as washing face, walking, drinking tea, ect. We all know to put our minds into it, managing all senses, and observing righteous; therefore, the mystery will immediately show that we do not have to search anywhere. It was the righteous awareness that the practice of Buddhism gradually will immediately be a calm and intellectually corollary ways of liberation will arise. As a result, each practitioner will fast get achievement of their ideal retreat.

To practitioner practicing the Pure Land sect, the mindfulness-awareness helps penetrate deeper in the Buddha doctrine, then “every step going to the Pure Land sect”. We will live in the peace and liberation of the scene of Western world of Ultimate Bliss. What we have always desired obviousle becomes true. The full of optimism will always exist even in life, in every minute, and every hour in present as well as in the future.


Translated into English by Huynh Thi Khanh Phung.

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