The 1st Sunflower Program

Update: 29/04/2013
In the morning of April 29th , 2013 (Lunar April. 20th, Snake Year), on occasion of the 73rd Seven-Day Cultivation period, Hoang Phap Pagoda celebrated the Sunflower Program named “Come to See” – the guest is Dr. Do Hong Ngoc. This is the innovative program with changes on its content and outline, in replace of the previous program “The Marvellous Dharma”.

The 1st Sunflower Program


As the meaning of its name, the Sunflower Program\r\naccompanies with meaning of respecting the ones who are always towards the real\r\nlight of the Buddha – as sunflowers always towards the sun. Dr. Do Hong Ngoc is\r\nsuch a person. He was born in 1940 in Phan Thiet– Binh Thuan, graduated with\r\nPediatric Medical Saigon College 1969, had a time to be in training on Public\r\nHealth at Harvard University (USA) and Health Education at CFES (Paris). He\r\nused to hold the job titles of Director of Emergency Department at Children’s\r\nHospital, Manager of the Ho Chi Minh City Media Center and Health Education and\r\nnow he is the Chief of the Behavioral Sciences and Health Education subject (Pham\r\nNgoc Thach Medical College)

He was beloved by readers with his styling of intimation,\r\nsimplicity and wittiness written for teenagers. In addition, he wrote many\r\nresearch books in Buddhism such as “Trans-handed treasure sword”, “Such as\r\nsuch”, “Half-Heard from the Sutra words, “Thinking of the Heart”, ect.

The program celebrated in form of an intimate conversation\r\nbetween the Doctor and Buddhists through suggested questions of Ven. Thích Tam\r\nNguyen. The topic “Come to See” is a familiar statement in Agama sutra and\r\nNikaya sutra, which is a message the 1st Sunflower program emphasized to\r\nBuddhists. Dharma cultivators must face with the truth, prove themselves the\r\ntruth experience because Dharma is true enlightenment, which stores in human\r\nmind, neither reasoning nor words. “Come” means to come by the way of wisdom,\r\nnot by way of superstition. It means “Come to see” and practice. In that sense,\r\nas a point of view from a scientist, the doctor cooperated his own way with\r\nexperience in reaching Buddhism, in medicine and meditation, in relationship\r\nbetween body and mind towards methods of curing diseases.

The program took place in satisfaction of good men and\r\nbelieving women. Knowing more about the content, please watch the video “the 1st\r\nSunflower of Come to See” on the website of Hoang Phap Pagoda. Website staff\r\nwill update soon.


Here are some images recorded:

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