The 11th Sun Flower Program

Update: 22/08/2016
On 22nd August 2016, The 11th Sun Flower program had been held in Hoang Phap monastery with the Buddhist businessman Ngo Hung Phuong or Tinh Phuong dharma name, as invited a guest.

The 11th Sun Flower Program


This time, our program’s figure is a successful businessman, a CEO of CSC company, a branch in Vietnam, and also an instructor of Aikido (Japanese martial art) at Phu Tho Sporting Hall. Being busy all the time, he still spends time  learning Buddhism and taking a certain daily time for practice. By applying the Buddha’s teaching to life he attained some particular success and received fondness from people around at once.

At first, he shared about the similarity between Buddhism and Aikido. This is the modern Japanese martial art, found by Ueshiba Morihei (1883-1969), holds a lofty and beautiful philosophy bases on fundamental of compassion and harmony. Besides, this martial art also gives high opinion of non-ego, non-conflict spirit and encourages gaining a victory over oneself than others. By realizing this point, he led his students into Buddhism naturally.

For business, Buddhist Tinh Huong also applied the Buddha’s teaching to manage over thousands of employees. For him, a leader must be a virtuous, large hearted, upright, just and a harmonious man, and he will be willing to serve others. When unwanted matters come, we need a correlative view of everything to be away from suffering and attachment. The samànàrthatà’s spirit (Co-operation with and adaptation of oneself to others to lead them into the truth) of Catuh-samgraha-vastu (Four all-embracing virtues) should be applied to create good relationship between company’s members.

When we work hard with all our passion there is no any difficulty or trial be unable to overcome. On the spirit of being virtue, having happiness he usually organizes many community activities and encourages people to join in it. He, for this reason, has become a good example for friends, coworkers and people around.

Attending for certifying program, Master Thich Chan Tinh, the abbot and chairman of Sun Flower Program, has given some comments for our figure.

Being a Buddhist at first we have to learn Buddhism because the right understanding and right recognizing lead to right practice. Second, applying what we learned into self-practice and into daily life as well; without practice, learning is useless. Third, taking what we had learnt and practiced for guiding others. Upāsaka Tinh Huong has  done  these things, which should be praised. The employees in company have received the spirit of Loving kindness, Compassion, Joy, Equanimity… which have made considerable achievements. On the practice way we shouldn’t think of ourselves but others. The Buddhist followers with moral lifestyle will influent to people in leading them to the virtuous life

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