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Ten benefits of a vegetarian diet to health and beauty.

Update: 17/05/2015
Being on a vegetarian diet is often misunderstood as a form of ascetic practices which is supplied by simple and frugal dishes. In fact, it is a beneficial diet for health and beauty.

Ten benefits of a vegetarian diet to health and beauty.

In 2013, Ho Quynh Huong singer was voted to be the sexiest vegetarian celebrity in Asia and then was Truong Thi May in 2014. Many Vietnamese artists such as Phuong Thanh, VietTrinh, Duong Trieu Vu, Trang Tran or Nhat Tinh Anh are vegetarians. The vegan or vegetarian diet is not only good for health but also beneficial to the environment.

Truong Thi May was voted to be the sexiest vegetarian celebrity in Asia in 2014 by the PETA- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

These are 10 benefits of a vegetarian diet to health and beauty:

The first - weight loss:

The vegetarian diet including many kinds of fruits and vegetables contains a low-calorie and less fat. Thus, it helps to lose weight and maintain fitness. Some recent researches show that the obesity rate of vegetarians is significantly lower than that of non-vegetarians at 9.4% and 33.3% respectively.

The second - a beautiful skin:

The vegetarian foods are necessary to help keep skin healthy and beautiful because they contain high vitamins and minerals.

The third- Anti- skin aging:

Fresh fruits and vegetables, especially pumpkins, carrots, amaranth and sweet potatoes prevent premature skin aging.

The fourth-Reducing the accumulation of toxins in the body:

Vegetarian foods are more digestible  than animal foods which create the toxins in the colon during decay.

Món ăn chay vừa giúp giảm cân, vừa làm đẹp da lại rất tốt cho sức khỏe.

Vegetarian dishes not only help get weight loss but also obtain a beautiful skin and a good health.

The fifth-Reducing the cholesterol level in blood: A low cholesterol level which is found in vegetarian foods, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The sixth-Reducing the burden on the kidneys. Eating regular meat will produce much uric acid which create a heavy pressure on the kidneys, related directly to renal failure and nephrolithiasis. Thus, eating vegetarian foods can eliminate this effect and help the kidneys work well, especially, someone has weak kidneys. 

The seventh-Preventing cancer: According to a study in the United States, the incidence of cancer of the vegetarians was lower than that of the non-vegetarians at 20-40% due to vegetarian foods which can slow down the growth of cancer cells.

The eighth- Gaining tranquility of mind: It helps people feel peaceful, no desire to compete, so their soul will become more meek and affable and tranquil.

The ninth- Protecting the environment: Not killing animals is one of the ways to protect natural ecosystems.

The tenth- Increasing life expectancy : According to the research of nutritionists, vegetarians’ life expectancy is longer than that of non-vegetarians.



Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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