Buddhist News of Ven. Thich Chan Tinh

Teaching Dharma at Hoi Duc Pagoda - Vinh Long.

Update: 22/09/2014
In the morning of 21st September 2014 (28th Lunar August, Horse Year) Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh came to Hoi Duc pagoda, at 268 Hamlet Tan Quoi East, Truong An Village, Vinh Long City to lecture for the Buddhists by the invitation of nun Thich Nu Nhu Tri, the abbot.

Teaching Dharma at Hoi Duc Pagoda - Vinh Long.

Having attained Buddhahood,  Buddha Shakyamuni thought that He should go and\r\nspread the teachings or not? Because the teachings that he realized are deep,\r\nimpenetrable, hard to realize, high purity, which is precious beyond reasoning?\r\nWhile people are immersing in sensual pleasures, they can hardly be received.\r\nThen His concentration observed the radicalism of humankind in either less\r\npollution or much contamination and either clever or dull ...like a lotus pond,\r\nwith the trees being born in the water, grown in water, rising out of the water\r\nand impervious to exist. So he decided to spread the teachings.\r\n\r\n

Anywhere the footsteps of Buddhas teachings arrive to - the\r\nflower of compassion, wisdom, peace, happiness blooms follow there. The number of\r\nPravraj (home-left monks or nuns) and lay people is on the rise. On the rise\r\nand development of the Sangha (assembly of monks) so fast that the outsiders\r\ntruly feared and had jealousy, which is the same as fireflies lost its light\r\nunder the sunlight? Since then, they sought the plot to discredit the Buddha.\r\nThey once plotted for Cincà Mànavikà who disguised a fake pregnancy\r\nwoman to slander the Buddha. Another time they killed a woman and buried behind\r\nBuddhas Gandhakuti (a house of incense). However, due to Buddhas diligent\r\npractice, all vandalism conspiracy of the outsiders were exposed. This is the\r\ncontent that Senior Venerable shared with Buddhists. At the end of Dharma, the\r\nSenior Venerable donated everybody a VCD "Cleverly Understanding your Own\r\nMind".

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Translated into English by Khanh Linh.

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