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Taking Refuge at Hung Phap Pagoda - Dong Nai Province

Update: 19/01/2015
In the morning of Jan. 18th, 2015 (Nov. 28th Year of Horse), taking invitation of Jun. Ven. Thich Tam An, Sen. Ven. Thich Chan Tinh came to Hung Phap province to help local people take refuge at Xuan Hung Commune, Xuan Loc District, Dong Nai Province.

Taking Refuge at Hung Phap Pagoda - Dong Nai Province


It is known that Xuan Hung province is a deserted area in\r\nDong Nai province. Therefore, in order to be able to help local people to rise\r\npredestine to the Dharma, the Ven. Abbot had to make much efforts to assist\r\nlocal people who go to the pagoda to take refuge and listen to Dharma by\r\nrenting buses for those who live far from the pagoda. Therefore, although it\r\nwas only more than 100 people who took refuge, but the number of people who\r\ncame to listen the Dharma were up to 500 people. With that predestine, right in\r\nthe transferring the precepts, with simple and easy to understand stories, Sen.\r\nVen Thich Chan Tinh raised the importance of taking refuge and the five\r\nprecepts as well as reminding people to live and practice the precepts to gain\r\ntheir happiness in the present. Moreover, the Sen. Ven. noted about the\r\nresponsibility of protecting the Dharma against any plots as well as the attack\r\nof heathens. Protecting Dharma is no longer a responsibility; it's also the\r\nobligation from all, as it is a way to preserve Vietnamese culture in\r\nparticular and Oriental culture in general. Besides, living and practicing well\r\nis a good example in the society. It is the way of Buddhists pay tribute to\r\nmerit of Blessed One and the Sangha. 

At the end of the ritual, in addition to giving gifts to\r\npeople who took refuge, other Buddhists also got Dharma gifts.

Below are some recorded images:

Translated into English by Ho Truc Ly.

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