Summer Retreat

Summer Retreat 2015- Special Retreat for Students

Update: 07/07/2015
Being finished a long time of hard-working, another summer has come again in the general joy for all students

Summer Retreat 2015- Special Retreat for Students


To get an entertaining summer, some of them make a long journal to discover some new places, the others decide to visit their family after spending most of time for studying far away from family. However, nearly 3000 students have chosen another way for summer vocation by attending the 21st retreat summer organized by Hoang Phap temple.

In two days from 05th  to 06th  07,2015, nearly 3000 young people went to temple to enroll the entering formality.

From 2014, the Summer Retreat is organized only for students within 18 to 25 years old. In the first year of changing, just over 1500 students took part. However, the number of attenders has increased to 3000 in this year. It means this special retreat has impressed well for most of students and their families.

In the morning of July 07, 2015, the retreat officially started. In the first day, students are arranged place to eat and lodge, place to hearing dharma and chanting by the monk; they are also directed some necessary bodily postures as put hands together, bow down …


In the afternoon Jun. Ven. Thich Tam Dao, Deputy Head and Deputy Chief Organization had given some talk to all students. Although facing to a new environment is not easy, he still hoped students would take this retreat as a new trial and put the most effort to overcome. By the way he also informs as well as explained clearly regulations to them.

About the program for this retreat, some lecturer the monk would invited to share about social matters: living ideal, social problem, family, friend, love…


Besides that, the program of Dharma Talk on the topic “Buddhism and the Young”. Students had a chance to meet some of famous figures as comedian Dai Nghia, singer Ngo Thanh Van, the second-best of beauty queen_ Truong Thi May and “child prodigy” Do Nhat Nam. This year, students continued to take part game-show “S-Buddhists” and had chance to get some enjoyable gifts. Especially, there was a new program “Lighting candle for grateful” in the last night, which had never performed before

Summer Retreat 2015 would promise to bring some useful lessons, some profound experiences and some peaceful moment to review oneself. Besides, it bought about a good chance for entertaining and learning the new things from each other. The Summer Retreat with enjoyable facts started.

Retreat enrolment.


The monk takes students around Hoang Phap pagoda.


Directing to take regulation and bodily postures for students.


Time for vegetarian meals


Organization Department gives some talks to students.

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