Retreat for Students

Students One-day Retreat

Update: 27/03/2018
Ngày 25/03/2018 (nhằm 09/02 Mậu Tuất), hơn 1000 sinh viên thuộc các trường đại học trên địa bàn TP.HCM và các tỉnh lân cận đã quy tụ về chùa Hoằng Pháp để tham dự ngày tu Sinh Viên Hướng Về Phật Pháp.

Students One-day Retreat



In the morning, after breakfast, all students gathered in the lecture hall for the “Repentance on the Six sense-organs Sutra” chanting together with the monks. Then a Dharma Talk titled “How to spend our youth?” shared by Ven. Thich An Dat, Awakening Newspaper’s reporter.

The youth is life’s the most beautiful stage, at there we have a whole enthusiasm heart with abundant in health, sharp in mind, which give an advantage for getting the world’s quintessence and improve their knowledge. The young people all want to strive for a good job and an ideal love for life.

Life without ideal, no purpose, no in such a forward-thinking way for social’s contributing or just spending one’s life for nonsense things… that we lose our youth time after time. We are sometimes in careless of our future. Instead of having a right decision for life building we devote ourselves to what worthless and illusory things. Most of the young people now even have no open-mind or changing their way of thinking about the meaning of life. Some of them when being asked about “how do you spend your time?”, most of the answers are in vain and ridiculous as spending for key-finding, motorbike card-finding, glasses, route-finding….even some spending for friends keep up with, giving viral comments, or “like” pressing and sharing on social communications…

Do are we waste our golden time? It’s about time for finding a new way of life!

1/ Love: we actually don’t deny the role of love in one’s happiness striving, but we should carry brain when being love to have a clear-sight of love in reality and in the novel. As a practical matter, many young people devoted half or even full of their lives for the true love, finally what they got are not honey of love but bitter and an endless suffering. There is no forbiddance in love but it should be a worth love in high time and suitable way. In further thinking, if our loving is big enough to get over the individual selfish love, toward all sentient beings, we will find the everlasting happiness.


2/ Travelling: taking sometimes to backpack, traveling here and there for new interesting experiments of life, going back to nature you will have some marvelous tastes.

3/ Learning: for advancing knowledge, raising wisdom and building a stable job that gives both material and mental value.

4/ Enjoy one’s life: is a man’s righteous demand, just we know its limitations and doing in a good way. In fact, the happiness is not outside but the peace of mind.

5/ Start-up, earn money by the right way to enrich oneself and contribute to the wealthy nation.

6/ Showing compassion, respect, and kindness to everyone no matter who you are. Because your life will be incomplete if you have all in hands but missing of compassion and loving-kindness.

In the afternoon, as is often students gathered in the main lecture hall for sitting meditation practice, then the monks will answer their questions and clears up any doubts concerned to “Buddhism and life”, the title discussion after sitting.

Finished a practice day, Ven. Thich Chan Tinh sent everyone his latest published book “The Greatly Love” as a gift for their striving.


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