Starting the “82nd Seven-Day Retreat”

Update: 24/04/2016
In Buddha’s affairs in 2016, on 24th April 2016 ( 18th Lunar March, Monkey year), Hoang Phap pagoda inaugurated the 82nd Seven-Day Retreat with the attendance of nearly two thousand good men, believing women in the country.

Starting the “82nd Seven-Day Retreat”


On the beginning day, in the morning, the venerables gave instructions about imposing of a Buddhist such as walking, standing, lying, sitting, holding hands, saluting, kowtowing, etc. These small and simple things played an essential part in the success of the course.

In the afternoon, at 2 p.m., Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh came to lecture hall to talk about Dharma and cultivation course regulation. He gave compliment the diligence on cultivation of Buddhists, who temporarily ignored phenomenal world to take this seven-day course in order to build up a durable wisdom that is a key factor on practicing of all laymen. In order to encourage Buddhists gaining more motivation, from the point of view “cultivation without education is a blind process, studying without cultivation is just a book holder”. He also thoughtfully explained some questions about cultivation, assisted Buddhists on acknowledge for their practicing correctly.

 All the above issues are very practical, especially to the ones who are practicing sukhavati dharma (The Pure Land sect). From these concerns, the Venerables advised people that we, nowadays, have to approach Buddhist dharma with a false opinion to avoid falling into evil spirit or superstition which will destroy one’s cultivation life. In addition, he clearly explained particularly about whether chanting meaning retaking or refusing the Buddha, how to gain rebirth to the Pureland, praying to Buddha in daily life, right or wrong if gaining further other sects. etc.

 All Buddhists should know that the Buddha is a great physician who had  treatment depending on the kind of sickness and instruct prescribes suitable dharma. He always heightens Madhya (The Middle Way), we should not follow any extreme as well as rumor, unproved classic or history to succeed on our practicing. Unless we will lose right mindfulness, follow evil spirit or extreme, fail to achieve good purpose on cultivation.

 Below are some pictures reecorded on the first day of the course:

 Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Tham.

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