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Spiritual Prayer Of The Buddhist

Update: 01/10/2015
Question: How to pray in according with Buddhist spirit?

Spiritual Prayer Of The Buddhist



Normally, people go to monastery with different goals and mostly they pray for their personal aims such as praying for good trade, getting out of danger, children achieving fame, good health, being  harmonious in family…


There is nothing wrong in these prayers but placing on the Buddhist spiritual studying such things are for the beginners or for ones who have been to templefor the first time. It means for the ones who have  longer studying Buddhism must understand the Buddhist main aim.

Buddhism itself is considered as an awakened religion and the one who comes to Buddhism must see clearly the truth of the world in order to eliminate one’s delusion. Once the one who takes refuge in Buddhism, he or she is on the way of seeing the truth by relying on the wisdom light of the Buddha.

Here we have to understand what is called the truth? It is nothing but the Buddhist three proofs or impermanence, non-self and nirvana:

All phenomena are impermanent.

Their existence relies on mutual conditions.

The tranquility in mind is the last happiness.

Actually whether we pray Buddha for gaining wisdom and being out suffering soon or not we have to learn and practice by ourselves and applying it in daily life to see the truth then ending the suffering. The Buddha is none other than a guide and we have to reach to the goal by ourselves. Nobody even the Buddha but you can do it. 

From here we can see the Buddha himself has no power of bestowing for ending suffering of living beings. Suppose he can do it his family and relatives had no more suffering by illness, old age and death but they all suffered, even he himself also underwent the impermanent law. At the age of eighty, on the way of spreading dharma he felt tired and backache therefore he asked Ven. Ananda to open out the rope for taking a rest.

Then how to pray according to what the Buddha taught?

If someone wants to get good trade he has to attempt accumulating merit by practicing giving to sharing and helping the poor and the needed one. Giving is receiving. The tree heavy with fruits comes from an initial good seed. It will be impossible to expect wealth from fortune or gambling. And together with giving one has to keep well the rule of non-stealing. These are the fruit of a wealthy life.

For the wish of long-lived one should not bring out any harm for living beings but keep well the precept of non-killing, try to take vegetarianism and saving life of living beings.

Keep well the rule of non-sexual misconduct is the way to maintain harmony and happiness in family. Happiness will come to the one who try to protect it for others.

Keep well the rule of non-telling lie will bring out for one the deep affection and trust from others. If possible one should speak smooth, gentle and un-harmfulspeech according to Buddhist spirit to make people happy is much better.

For the one who want to be clever and clear-sighted has to far from drinking or using stimulants which lead to delusion and depraved mind. At the same time one should spend time to listening dharma talk and studying Buddhist teaching to open mind and improve one’s compassion.

If we do opposite this cause and effect’s rule we never gain what we desire, which is called “Taking sand to cook rice is impossible thing”. No matter what school of Buddhism you follow, the three conditions of faith, vow and action you must have on the Buddhist way. 

Having deep belief in the Three Refuges and taking them as your guide and your lamp which lead all living beings to no more ignorance.

Making vow bases on the Five Precepts or keeping well the Five Precepts after become a Buddhist.

Put the most effort to do aspiration which one had made. Don’t miss out even a very small thing.

In short, the Buddhist who prays according to the theory of cause and effect is in accordance with the Buddhist spirit. Then whatever we expect will become truth. In Buddhism this is called “Buddha is nowhere but inside everyone, whenever there is a request, there is a favorable response”.

Thích Minh Thành.

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