Sincerely grateful to Master on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day of November 20th!

Update: 19/11/2022
Dear the honored Master, only one day until November 20th - Vietnamese Teachers' Day is the day when generations of students across the country give their full gratitude to female and male teachers who have guided them. I know for the honored Master, memories in life are not important anymore, but please allow me to borrow the world event to express my respect to you, the most special teacher in my life.

Sincerely grateful to Master on the occasion of Vietnamese Teachers' Day of November 20th!


Parents gave me this body and raised me up; The teachers under the school roof give me the knowledge to step firmly into life; the Master was the honor one, who gave my birth in the Tathagata’s true Dharma, the teacher who replaced the Buddha to preach the dharma, sowed in my mind the solid Bodhi seed, leading me to the liberation bank.

Someone once said: give thanks to the lamp for its light, but don't forget the person holding the lamp standing in the dark. That's right, while I was groping in the dark and couldn't find a way out, life was full of stagnation, despair... There was a time when I had the intention to let go of everything, then I met the light from the Master. It is Himself who holds the Tathagata's immortal lamp to illuminate my mind, lead me out of confusion, know to follow the right path, reduce anger, delusion, and craving in the world, and peacefully accept everything, up to now I feel the taste of true happiness. Thanks to You, I have inherited a priceless fortune from the Buddha's teachings, I know how to practice filial piety according to the Buddha's texts.

With a deep respect on the occasion of upcoming Vietnamese Teachers' Day of Nov. 20th, I wish the Master may have a peaceful body, bright wisdom, perfect dharma path, and always stay in Saha realm for a long time, being a great tree protects all of followers on the path of practice to seek deliverance!

 🤎 Namo Amitabha Buddha  🙏

Tue Ngan

Translated into English by Ms Lien My

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