Sending you happiness (the last)

Update: 21/05/2017
"There is no way leading to happiness, which means the path you are going on"

Sending you happiness (the last)


6. With happy achievement to care fore its fruits

There is a physical science rule: “There are more ways to destroy the system of activities than to improve it.” This is correct for all physical phenomena and it is also right on everything happening around you in daily life. Establishing a good friend, a happy family is not easy because it needs time, emotion and care. However, by a word, a tiny action, a confusion happens carelessly, our achievement will disappear. Therefore, you should understand that any happiness must be kept and preserved.

In life, you yourself need a remind of taking care and feeding the happy fruits because when you are taking care those ones today, it means you are feeding and growing them in the future.

You are looking for the happiness. Thus, you should know there are no ways leading to the happiness but happiness is itself the way. You are looking for it by yourself as well as for the people you love, also the one you have not yet loved. I explain the happy one to you; then, you must self-control because there are still many difficulties and obstacles to overcome. Happiness will not exist if you don’t clarify and renew the way. I believe in your enthusiastic mind, new experiences and youth strength, you will discover and shorten quickly the way that I interpret to you which opens a newer, more general and joyful way.

Let go on your path, because you are eager to seek the happiness. The way is long; you should correctly orientate to avoid unnecessary tiredness, which leads to the Pure Land.

Best wishes for you!

Tam Luc

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