Send to the Distant World

Update: 06/09/2020
Dear Mommy! my Mom!Today is very hot and oppressive! What does the sun keep shining for? I remember…! You often avoid the sunlight and cover my head with a non la when I follow you to the aunts' house in the neighborhood. When I was a child, I often had a cold and a fever. However, I often run away from you and Dad to take a bath in the river. After that, I got sick again and was lying in the hammock groaning. I bothered him to stop working and went to Mr. Bay to buy medicine for me.

Send to the Distant World

You kept saying: "this guy, Sang, is suitable with Mr. Bay's medicine". As you know, I took so much medicine that I was frightened. I only took half of the medicine and I threw the other half in the pond for fishes, because the medicine is too bitter! As soon as the illness was recovered, Iwent out to play with my friends again, which made you worried.
Mommy! Today is also close to the death anniversary of yours. I made a call to Dad to repaint the house, and told my sister and brother  to buy fruits and flowers,  cook a vegetarian meal for you.
I finished writing this letter, but I don't know where to send it for you . After you passed away, some of our neighbors came over and said: “I dreamed about sister Ut. She wore a blue suit to go to the temple, and brought a strange-looking but beautiful bag. She looked very happy, laughed and said, then asked permission to fly to practice from Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva".
Mommy! I am happy to hear that, but I do not believe it. Later, I heard a few more people told the same. At that time, I am really happy and believe that you have received Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva's protection.
But Mom! I think you aren’t very indifferent! Why didn’t you come back to visit me even in the dreaming time? Nine years have passed. Although I try to miss you, your figure keeps fading in my mind. Perhaps the busy life has partially taken a place in my heart, the beautiful memories of the past have also faded for years. Mommy! In the afterlife, I don't know if you are very busy practicing Dharma? But in this world, the temple's retreating periods are full. When you have free time, remember to visit me in my dream!
Mommy! Our family is very happy, everyone is happy, and our business is also developing. Dad even bought more land. My younger brother is very good now, he can do everything, he is the bread-earning of the family. He is much better than me in taking care of the family, unlike me, who only knows the sitra and dharma practice, right? My younger sister becomes a real shopkeeper. She knows how to hire someone to help the job. Mom, please be happy and rest peacefully!
This time, I plan to return home. I will take photos of your pictures. I will clean souvenir items and put them in the cupboard. Master is also ridiculous, permit me home just a day. Maybe there are many things in the temple? Well, I will reshape your beautiful picture because when you were alive, you liked that . Dad loves you so much, Mom. In the past, he never let you go to the field to work? All my life I only know that you took a meal to the field for the workers once. Dad didn't get married again. He was with only you! 
I wrote this letter deliberately joking for fun, but I'm about to cry. I know that you loves me so much that allowing me to become a monk:
"Though being an adult, I am still your son
In spite of going away, your heart continuously follows me".

Wherever you are, please be happy, Mom! The words you instructed me at the final moment, with which I have done. Whether I’m good or not? Dear Mom. Take care of the practice of yours. Later, you will become a Buddha before me; otherwise, I will tease fun to you. That's how I am! But I am about to cry!
 When I buried my poem with your in the coffin, you still keep it?
“Mom is gone, you have gone
I remember your eyes separation
You go away forever
And hold my  hands firmly for what consideration?
 Mom is gone, you have gone
I remember your eyes separation
You go away forever
I’m staying here: "Try to practice".

 Your son
Tam Hanh
Translated by Nguyen Thi Mai Thao

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