Summer Retreat

Second-Day Summer Retreat 2016 - Impregnating Dharma Theory

Update: 21/07/2016
Buddhism propagates to the young by the new atmosphere of simplicity, closeness and reality. The Buddha’s teachings from thousands of years have been applied on the real life which helps mankind become better. It is the humanity spirit of Buddhism that displays and solves the people practical matters.

Second-Day Summer Retreat 2016 - Impregnating Dharma Theory


On the opening day, the attendees were arranged for places of eating, sleeping and notice of cultivation principles. On the second day, they listened to the dharma knowledge which is applied to daily life. It is very necessary to younger generations in the current time,which they can rely on, to solve difficulties.


In respond to invitation from the Board of Organization, Junior Venerable Thich Dong Thanh, the Chief of Propagation Board of Binh Dinh province, the Principal of Binh Dinh Buddhism Intermediate School, Lecturer at the Vietnam Buddhism Institute in HCMC, abbot of Thien An pagoda came Hoang Phap pagoda and had a dharma talk, on the topic “Overcoming obstacles.”


Being a human, all must have many obstacles and difficulties in the different aspects. The psychology of crisis, anxiousness, hopelessness, stress, etc, which we must face in the life. Because of broken friendship, love, social relationshipanxiety of future, plans unable to complete, the limits of time, career, study, etc; all of which desperate people, sometimes they want to distract, give up, or event take suicide.


These reasons of difficulties, blockage are due to wrong awareness, analysis and estimation with real nature; maybe, it is the complex of our own self. Since, it leads to loss of believing in life, causing tiredness, negativeness, boregradually forgetting their aim and deal of life, not orienting to good deeds in the future.


The way of facing and solving difficulties and blockage are to calm up the mind, keep right awareness about the true life onimpermanence, nothing forever existence, looking back ourselves about the causes and effects law in life. Changing our viewpointswill help right understanding more about difficult bases, Since then we will have the ways of solution. Our happiness and peacefulness do not depend on others; it depends on individual’s point of view, lifestyle and behavior.


In the evening of same day, the youth were instructed on dharma knowledge, notices of essay writing on the cultivation perception, as well as assigned of competion’s regulations “Buddha dharma’s test” which was a new part of the Summer Cultivation  Course 2016.

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