Second day of Summer Retreat on “My return to Buddha Refuge ”at Tay Khanh pagoda – Thai Binh

Update: 30/06/2017
After the first few strange seconds of the first day, the second day of the meditation session on “My Return to Buddha Refuge” at Tay Khanh Pagoda.

Second day of Summer Retreat on “My return to Buddha Refuge ”at Tay Khanh pagoda – Thai Binh


After breakfast, they concentrated on the lecture hall to listen to the dharma from Venerable Thich Tam Tien, a monk Hoang Phap Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh City. HCM. With close and vibrant saying, the Venerable talked about the belief and sharing in life. Having the right beliefs, the timely sharing of the hearts of the tolerant people, the amount of caring and concern for others will help us perfect themselves, their success in career. In addition, he related these issues to the Buddha's teachings so that they can expand their knowledge that applies the Buddha's teachings into life.

In the afternoon, the 1st round of Dharma competition was held. After that, they were instructed with public games. From bright smiles, this program gave them moments of fun this time.

In the evening, special performances performed in crisp applause. Sweet lyrics, deep down beside the modern dance also closed a meaningful day, and then They had time on meditative seating and had deep sleep on "Listen to Buddha’s proverbs".

Here are some recorded images:

Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh

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