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Second Day In South Korea

Update: 08/05/2016
In the morning May 7th, 2016 (01/04 Lunar calendar), the first day of lunar month, there were lots of Buddhists coming to the Pagoda to pray for their families’ safety & happiness. Abbot Hwaung has invited Venerable Thích Chân Tính and the group joining the morning praying time and meeting with Korean and Vietnamese Buddhists.

Second Day In South Korea

After that, based on the invitation from Ms. LÆ°u Thị Mỹ Hà, Director of Vietnam-Korea Cultural Centre, the group has got a visit to the Centre and met with the Vietnamese Buddhists here. During the preaching, Venerable Thích Chân Tính has stated that instead of begging for helps from any super-natural power and entrusting our lives to bad/good lucks, we should emphasize our believes in Cause and Effect Rule, create good deeds, especially ten good deeds (daÅ›akuÅ›alakarmāṇi - including  not killing, not theft, not adultery, not to say untrue, not talking double-edged way, not bad words, avoid saying something not beneficial, not lusting, non-hatred, not involving in foolery). The preaching has been followed by Q&A session with questions as : how to overcome the lust, hatred, foolery in situations? Or which preparations for kids to become a monk/nun?

After the Talk, the group has come to Seoul by subway to visit Cảnh Phúc Palace and joined the annual Lantern Festival which has been celebrated during Vesak. This is a cultural tradition of South Korean. Not only the native people but also lots of foreign monks/nuns/Buddhists have joined this colorful festival in cheers and peace.


Đoàn đến thăm Trung tâm Nhịp cầu Văn Hóa Việt Nam tại Hàn Quốc


Tham quan cung điện hoàng gia Cảnh Phúc - Seoul


Lễ hội đèn lồng

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