Sala Blooming Day

Update: 23/05/2016
Today is Buddha’s Birthday

Sala Blooming Day


With my all faith, love and joys

To King Sudhodana and Queen Maya

Congratulations to Siddhartha’s appearance

 He has been so fantastic

With loving, caring and shining heart of compassion.

With cleverness and wisdom

A profound thinker of what human being is

 Getting away from indulging  pleasures

He discovered the Truth and  Enlightenment

Driving Prajna Boat and turning the Dhamma Wheel

For all to deliverance

 Buddha’s shining from the East

Dispose dark clouds and chilly winter

Buddha was born! Joys to beings.

Passing away all  catastrophic sorrows

Let’s sing a song welcoming our dear Buddha

Siddhatttha has become Buddha! A Buddha of Compassion

Glorious history was recorded of Joys.

Translated by Dieu Lien Hoa

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