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Retribution for killing pig

Update: 22/04/2015
… Sowing cause, collecting effect is a truth which we cannot change…

Retribution for killing pig

Hatred: when we killed the living beings, because of weakness they cannot put up with it and were killed by us. They were bursting with hatred and difficult to stamp out. Then they would hold the vindictive hatred until taking revenge. We everyday produce hatred to animals, the hatred of which will gradually accumulate and grow up enough to create karma. From here we will be sunk in suffering of samsara’s cycle without time to be out.

Retribution: Sowing cause and collecting effect is a truth which we can’t change. Killing is bad karma so the doers are also difficult to run away from bad events which were created by them. The killing’s effect will be  surely born in hell, in shape of hungry demons or animals. After getting enough punishment and being born as humans, they are still suffered in the present effect which created in the past such as spending a whole life together with illness or getting a short life.


Therefore, we shouldn’t kill the living or ask others to kill the living or be happy when seeing kill the living. We should learn to cultivate our compassion.


In current living, I myself have witnessed the slaughtering many times. I grew up in a rural area and kill the living in rural areas is unavoidable. Normally in the ceremonies of offering Gods, people kill pigs for sacrifice. I didn’t join to witness how it happened but hearing the pig’s heart-rending scream in such a savage. Looking at people who enjoy with it, I feel fearful of their cruel and I wonder how they can be happy after doing such a merciless thing.

Witnessing attendees being drunk with such the killed food that could give me the sense of frightening to them. I wondered how could they be happy after such cruel action.

A real story of a slaughterer who I know - My house is near a slaughter-house. Every night at 23 o’clock is the time for working and the heart-rending scream starts to resound at quiet mid-night. In this slaughter-house, there is a slaughter man called Nam - a rich man - and his main work is directly killing. At that night, he also prepared a cauldron of boiling water for putting the killed-pig in. Suddenly, the pig rose up to kick him fall into the cauldron. People said his situation at that time is not different to the pigs which were killed by him before.


From there, he becomes poor and exhausted property for curing. His body is also deformed by boiling water.


These things make us think of cause and effect and how it is fair. Without distinction of good or bad deed, we reap as we sow, just like the slaughter man.

In our lives, living without creating bad karma is impossible; however, keeping doing everything in its limit to reduce the bad effect and put the most effort to learn and improve ourselves. My own experience in the childhood has impressed in my mind and changed my thinking of kill the living. At the first time of expressing my duty, I went to the market and bought a living fish. I sat still and looked at it very long time, finally I summoned up my courage to kill it. Looking at it struggling in pain, I perceived a great fear so that I did not believe that I had done it. Then I promise to myself I will never repeat such kind of thing in later.

I think all living beings have the same feeling of attaching living and scare of being killed. Therefore, we should open our heart to love each other; no matter what an animal or a human being.

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