Requiem to Victims of Nepal Earthquake.

Update: 17/05/2015
The Venerable and Buddhists of Hoang Phap Monastery with almost two thousand good men and faithful women attending the 79th seven-day retreat organized a candlelight ceremony to pray for victims of earthquake at Nepal in the evening on 16 May 2015 (28th Lunar, March Goat Year)

Requiem to Victims of Nepal Earthquake.


A few days ago, the entire world was stunned by\r\nthe news of the earthquake with intensity to 7.9 Richter scale on 25th April\r\nat Nepal. The earthquake which had the strongest devastation in over\r\neight decades murdered seven thousands of lives and made thousands of\r\nhouses collapsed with ancient architecture of Nepal. In common\r\nsuffering, Hoang Phap Monastery held the candlelight prayer ceremony to show\r\ncompassionate spirit of Buddha’s children. It conveyed the message of\r\nlove and understanding. Sparkling shining of candles and solemnly\r\natmosphere of the ceremony, which all made people’s silence in memory of thinking\r\nabout the deceased and the homeless.

All Buddhists directed their tranquil and\r\nopen-hearted mind   toward Buddha praying for the victims’ soon\r\novercoming the misery. 

Great assembly all recited Buddha and Bodhisattva’s\r\nnames with the hope of creating a compassionate power to send to victims.

The Buddhists all hope to transfer merits and\r\nvirtues of one week cultivation at the 79th seven-day retreat to victims\r\nand pray the death for liberation and the living for the ease of misery.


 Below are the pictures recorded:


Translated into English by Huynh Vo Cao Tri.

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