Repenting the Karmas

Update: 03/05/2016
Question: Because of the ignorance of Buddha-Dharma in the old days, people created many killing karmas. Now learning and understanding the Buddha"s teachings, everyday buddhists develop their mind to prostrate all Buddhas for repenting karmas and simultaneously pray for Vietnam country and global humanity in peace. Are the old karmas obliterated?

Repenting the Karmas



Certainly the old karmas are obliterated ! but the importance is that the body and mind must be purified and with a whole-heartedly sincere attitude while repenting, which attains a good result . Simultaneously Buddhists should vow to have vegetarian diet and create the conduct of releasing or charity which depends on their ability in order to help compensate for the karmic sins. Buddhists should consult the way to prostrate all Buddhas in disk "Practitioner's Vows" preached at Hoang Phap pagoda in order to know  the manner clearly to bow to all Buddhas respectfully; and avoid prostrating for form's sake or counting the time of prostration and waitting for time which passes away quickly. Such a worship having no a sincerely eager mind while being tired ; though it brings the blessing but it is an unfull blessing and the karmic sins are obliteration slowly.


We should bend slowly down while bowing to the Buddhas, our mind is pure together with light movements as falling leaves; Our attitude should be courteous and self-effacing while standing up as a mass of cloud arised from the earth. Such prostration gives expression to a sincerely eager mind, it also is self-mind repentance. We follow the pagoda's manner to worship while staying at the pagoda, but when we stay home we should bow to the Buddhas with a sincerely eager mind and free attitude. Our eyes always look straight towards the Buddhas' image as similar as he is truly present in front of us, then gradually bowing down, each movement must be light, having an eager devotion and turning the attention to correct ideas and clear awareness. When we drop five statures of the body to the ground then repeating in silence with our breath " Ami for inhaling and Tabha Buddha for exhaling" and then slowly standing up after six times repeat. We bow to the Buddhas lightly in correct thinking as sitting in meditation; We shouldn't prostrate quickly because of easy losing the right mindfulness and having no a sincerely respectful mind to Buddha.


To worship Buddhas in a sincerely eager mind, it causes the sympathies between worshipper's mind and not only one buddha but also the Buddhas of ten directions who have the appealing response. At the moment, if we have any karmas or sufferings, let's bring our problems to express in detail to the Buddhas of ten directions and hoping that they assist and protect us with full strength to overcome. In brief, bowing to the Buddhas with the sincerely respectful mind and eager repentance is not only to obliterate karmas but also to spring up the merit and wisdom.

Translated into English by Ms. Giac Ngoc.

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