Repentance Ceremony on October 14th Goat Year

Update: 27/11/2015
In evening of Nov. 25th , 2015 (October 14th Goat Year), thousands of Buddhists from HCMC and neighboring provinces gathered at Hoang Phap Monastery in order to periodically attend the Repentance ceremony.

Repentance Ceremony on October 14th Goat Year

In the encouraging script of Taking a Vow for Bodhicittra, master That Hien taught: “king of good dharma is Taking a Vow for Bodhicittra. From this we can know that the development in the bodhicitta practice plays a very important role. It would be the most solid progress on its spiritual path. And it's dangerous if we forget this when practising the development bodhicitta of drama practice because “Losing bodhicitta; then practicing good drama identifies ghost karma” (Avatamsaka Sutra), which means that if you forget the Bodhi mind, which practicing good drama, it is ghost karma. By the story of the Buddha, the Junior Venerable pointed out the meaning and benefits of developing Bodhicitta in practical life as well as the results achieved when we develop the true Bodhicitta.


With this topic,he specifically cited a good example of the practice, which is deceased Ngo Chan Tu, the founder of Hoang Phap Pagoda. His life of practicing symbolized a deep wordless Dharma, reminding every practice for posterity, especially to awake the thought of enlightenment. With the bodhicitta His fierce determination of leaving home, continuation following Buddha, practice, preaching with hardship despite much of difficulty and challenge. As a result, we know the Dharma, and have an ashram to practice. As the disciple of Buddha, we generated Bodhicitta valor; from which our practice can progress and achieve desired results.

 After the sermon, the whole assembly entered the retreat as usual.


Here are the photos recorded:

Translated into English by Nguyen Xuan Tich. 

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