Repentance Ceremony On May 20th, 2016 (April 14, Lunar Calendar)

Update: 21/05/2016
On May 20th, 2016 (4/14 lunar Calendar), Hoang Phap Monastery organized the monthly Repentance Ceremony with the attendance of thousands of Buddhists from Ho Chi Minh City and nearby provinces.

Repentance Ceremony On May 20th, 2016 (April 14, Lunar Calendar)


As usual, before the Ceremony, the event starts with Dharma Talk by a resident monks. This time, Ven. Thich Tam Nguyen shared to the assembly topic “Vesak Mission”


Before the enlightenment, Siddhartha Bodhisattva spent 49 days and nights in deep meditation. According to the sutra description, during this time, he faced with subconscious fears inside. Mara repeatedly used many cunning tricks, illusion, and harassment... to distract him from meditation. But he was so keen on high concentration and let it be. After 49 days and nights, he achieved enlightenment and became Buddha.


In the Agama, the Buddha said: “I come to this world for the sake of Devas and human’s happiness and deliverance, to erect the falling ones, to expose what is hidden, guide the lost ones, lighten the darkness for all to see.”


At Vesak, the Buddhists around the world celebrate the Buddha’s birthday with great faith and love. With all their hearts, they are willing to promote the four noble missions to the rest of the world, to preach the Dharma so that everyone can get the deliverance and enlightenment.

Followings are some recorded photographs:


Translated by Diệu Liên Hoa

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