Repentance Ceremony on Lunar February 30th Calendar.

Update: 31/03/2014
In the evening of March 30th, 2014 (Lunar February 30th, Giap Ngo Year), as usual, Hoang Phap Pagoda held Repentance Ceremony for thousands of Buddhists.

Repentance Ceremony on Lunar February 30th  Calendar.


Before the ceremony Ven. Thich Tam Hong – Hoang Phap’s monk\r\nhad a Drama talk on the topic: “Being a Child Never Forgot it”. He told stories\r\nalternating to the Buddha’s teachings in the Sutra “Repaying to Parents’ Great\r\nKindness”. He led attendants to the simple things, but truly about the parents’\r\nkindness and the children’s duties. In addition, according to the Buddha’s\r\nteachings, the care and the love to parents are good and necessary. However, it\r\nwill be important that encouraging parents to understand dharma, respect and\r\nbelieve Three Precious Germs, which means the way to repay parents beneficially\r\nand everlastingly.


After the lecture was the the time of repentance citing\r\nBuddha s’ names, all Buddhists kowtowed uniquely. The ceremony came to an end\r\nwith memorial ease by repeating five precepts for lay people from the priest\r\nmonk


Below were recorded pictures.


Translated by Bui Thi Bich Huyen.

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