Repentance celebration on February, 14th (Goat Year)

Update: 04/04/2015
In the afternoon, April 2nd, 2015 (Lunar February14th, Goat Year), many Buddhists returned at Hoang Phap pagoda to join the monthly repentance celebration.

Repentance celebration on February, 14th (Goat Year)


As a schedule, every half of each month, Hoang Phap pagoda\r\nhas a repentance celebration for Buddhists from near and far. This is quite\r\nimportant celebration because beside repentance celebration helps the body and\r\nmind is calm and Buddhists listen to precepts for lay people, and they are\r\ntaught about Buddha Dharma, which helps the abbot’s attendants with right\r\norientation and awareness in their cultivated path.

As a result, before starting the celebration, the mass had\r\nlistened to the preaching from Venerable Thich Tam Dac, the Abbot of Vinh Phap\r\npagoda, Nha Trang on the topic “Value of Three Treasures”.

This is an extremely practical topic to life and cultivation\r\nof all people, especially for those who are Buddhists. To become the children\r\nof the Buddha, we have to join the celebration of taking Triratna refuge, which\r\nis the milestone marking progress in their cultivation. From this, returning to\r\nrefuge in the three treasures will bring a valuable and tremendous benefit,\r\nhelp transform individual body and mind, bring people overcoming vile instincts\r\nand complete their characteristics; furthermore, achieve the ultimate truth of\r\nenlightenment and liberation.

As a result, in the Dharma talk, the Venerable gave two\r\nkinds of value to the public in order that they would see perfect benefits of\r\nthe three treasures bringing such as the value of earthen world and the\r\nspiritual world.

For the world (normal life), it is assumed that money,\r\nwealth, fame and glory will bring happiness. However, in the reality, all these\r\nthings are the seeds of suffering; the fact is that people have to take the\r\nconsequences caused by the material world.

It is this suffering that humans have to look for a perfect\r\nvalue to bring them true peace and long happiness. Therefore, the appearance of\r\nthree treasures, Buddha – Dharma – Monk/Nun, has solved all problems, that we\r\nare looking for.

Buddha, the supreme Honorable One full capacity and\r\nmiraculous dharma gave us the right path which enlightens us from dark and\r\nmiserable ignorance of human life. The most important thing is that nowadays,\r\nBuddha was in Nirvana and His Dharma is in Sutras; The Sanghas are\r\nteachers who guide us in the cultivated path. They are three treasures in life\r\nthat we should rely on with most correct view to determine what we should do or\r\nwhat we should not do. That will help us get rid of trivial value of life in\r\norder to honor great values of Dharma, perfect ones always bringing peace and\r\nhappiness for everyone.

After the lecture, the Buddhists came to reciting\r\nBuddhas’name for repentance as normal.

Here are some images recorded:



 Translated into English by Ms. Huynh Thi Khanh Phung.

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