Repentance celebration on April, 18th ( Goat Year)

Update: 19/04/2015
On the afternoon of April 18th, 2015 (Lunar February 18th, Goat Year), all of Buddhists from Ho Chi Minh city and neighboring province returned at Hoang Phap pagoda to join the repentance celebration.

Repentance celebration on April, 18th ( Goat Year)


As usual, before starting the repentance celebration\r\nreciting Buddha s’ name, Junior Venerable Thich Tam Tuong, the monk of\r\nHoang Phap pagoda, shared the mass a talk on the topic\r\n“All having suffering”.

As human kind, all people, more or less, have\r\nsufferings. However, all of sufferings include 3 points:

1/ Suffering of mind: from five desires (wealth,\r\nappearance, fame, eating and sleeping); from hatred of anything\r\nunsatisfying, from ignorance of inconsideration.

2/ Suffering of body: from diseases,\r\nsix disable organs of sense,  no undesirable appearance,\r\netc

3/ Suffering of living condition: poverty, unhappy\r\nfamily, divorced parents, unfit jobs,  natural disasters, wars,\r\nterrorism, etc 

 There are so many reasons of suffering,\r\nbut the main one is from ignorance. Ignorance is without\r\nwisdom that is governed by greediness, anger, stupidity, which creates\r\nevil causes forbearing grief consequences.

 To avoid being suffered, the\r\nBuddha taught that we should practice blessing and Dharma. Practice\r\nblessing is doing something that is helpful beings such\r\nas doing charity, releasing animals, offering the Three Germs,\r\nencouraging others to volunteer their kind mind, doing the good and avoiding\r\nthe bad; especially taking Triratna refuge, keeping  the Five\r\nPrecepts, cultivating The Ten Virtues. Practicing wisdom is\r\nstudying Buddhist dharma, listening to the sermons, reciting the\r\nsutras, holding memory of mantras, walking in meditation, ore serving tranquil\r\nbody – speech – thought, leading others to cultivate.  Achieving\r\nthese two practices, cultivators will avoid suffering and advance to the\r\ncultivated path and the life. 

After the lecture, the Buddhists began reciting\r\nBuddha’s name for repentance and listened to Five Precept for\r\nlaypeople.


Here are some images recorde:


Translated into English by Cao Thuy Linh.

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