Releasing Animals in Hau River, Can Tho.

Update: 05/02/2015
On occasion of the Buddha ‘s attaining enlightenment – lunar Dec. 8th, which remind the Buddha’s children of having to respect the life of all sentient creatures together with the love of human. By instruction of Abbot Thich Chan Tinh, Junior Tich Tam Hue and Buddhists of Hoang Phap Pagoda organized a trip of animal releasing on Hau River of Jan. 31st, 2015, (lunar Dec. 12th , Horse year),[ which included free examining patients, free offering medicine and releasing living creatures in Dong Thap Province.

Releasing Animals in Hau River, Can Tho.


This time, Junior Thich Phap Dang – Abbot of Hue Vien pagoda\r\nalso attended by chance of his preaching trip in the Western provinces. On the\r\nimmense current of river, each group of mullet, catfish was released in the\r\nfresh water were released the nature.

To support causal relationship of Buddhist dharma combining,\r\nthe Junior gave some of DVD to local people, such as “Whose responsibility”,\r\n“The Dawn of the fog nation”, “Where is the Pure Land of Vietnamese” preached\r\nby the abbot and venerable from Hoang Phap pagoda.

Before that, on the lunar Dec. 10th, in the way of his Buddhist\r\naffair, the Junior and Buddhists entered the Hoc Mon market to buy some kinds\r\nof fishes, eels, frogs, etc, then transported them to Sai Gon River to have a\r\nrelease.

Hereinafter are some recorded photos:

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