Update: 21/04/2023
We need a lot of leisure in life!



From childhood until now, do we find ourselves to have much leisure? Live in laughter, but unnecessarily relax. Sometimes, we equate joy with leisure, because during that time, we feel most comfortable, we can laugh freely, eat liberally, and be unbound to do whatever we want. It sounds like leisure, but that is unpleasant. 

When we leave the table, we feel bored afterward. Almost all of our fun must be more and more crowded. Then being bored alone. Thus, our happiness depends on others too much. And the more elements that need to be in something, the more burdensome it is. So, have you ever been peaceful yet?

Sometimes, after a constant chain of laughing, we return to the room. The door slams and shuts, our face regains its truly default mode: silent mode. Coming alone late at night, we seem to live genuinely to ourselves. 

Relax, either be crowded or be alone, and balance emotions, meaning neither too sad nor too happy. People who go to the temple to chant the sutras, passing to the passage: "... much desire is only tiring" suddenly finds themselves mildly happy in their hearts, knowing that they are people who live just enough, so they are relaxed. Relaxed people are people who are less dependent on material and emotional things. Saying that does not mean that nothing is needed, but that everything is kept in moderation and sufficiency. It is a minimal way of life, which the Buddha called a less desires, but knowing enough both in terms of material needs and spiritual and emotional needs.

Now, humans are vulnerable and easily lonely. Loneliness is not relaxing. A relaxed person is the one who finds peace even when being alone with no one around. And those who are relaxed are very necessary for this life to do the mission of giving relaxation to others and helping each other to create relaxation.

Life has suffered a lot; do we dare to choose to be the giver of peace?

Tam Cung

Translated into English by Le Thien An

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