Update: 16/08/2020
Once our mind is disturbed, our speeches, actions, and thoughts will not bring peace. And when there is no peace, it leads to a negative result. Speeches, actions, and thoughts are three ways for us to interact with life. Without these three aspects, we cannot build a good life. If we plant a good seed, skillfully take care of it and have enough conditions, then certainly in the future, we will have a tree full of sweet fruits.



Likewise, in life, if we know how to behave wisely, deftly keep our body, mouth, and mind, our living environment will have good living materials; help us and people around us develop mental and physical aspects well. Today we sow good seeds; tomorrow life will bear fruits when it has enough predestined relationships. But few people understand this principal. There are people who also sow seeds, but they are afraid of this so much. If they sow today, tomorrow they will dig up to see if the seed sprouted or not. Likewise, a human being does a good thing, expecting it to come to them quickly so that they soon enjoy it. Inadvertently, they make that good thing lack of predestined relationships, and then it passes on an unexpected result. Therefore, it is important that we sow the seed whether it is good or bad, regardless of when it will be achieved.

There is a story. A student followed the teacher for a while. One day, he came to ask his teacher how to defeat his enemies. The teacher picked up a stick of wood, drew a straight line on the ground and told the student how to extend this line without erasing the old line. The student thought for a while and then replied: “Teacher, I have not thought of yet, please give me a few more days to find out a solution”. The teacher agreed, and after that the student kept searching and thinking; however, he could not find any ways. After that, he went to the teacher to ask about solutions . Again the teacher picked up a stick of wood and drew another line longer than the old one, and told the student that his mind was the same. He could not eliminate the enemies in himself, but he had to make his mind grow and be better, be more diligent and have more patience; therefore, naturally his enemies could not do anything and automatically they would go away.

We have to compare ourselves, not compare the other people. Be better than ourselves, not be better than anyone else. Today we have to be better than ourselves on yesterday. We are not slaves for our appearances. We are our own masters. Everyone who is following the Buddha's footsteps is always making an effort, not letting mind and distraction dominate our actions, thoughts, and words. We have to control the six roots of sensation, to be able to go far on the road we are on.

 Tâm Khai    

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