Preparation for Amitabha Day

Update: 07/12/2016
n the joyful spirit of coming Amitabha Day, the sangha and Buddhists at Hoang Phap pagoda in recent days have been so busy preparing for the floral candle light ceremony on the Amitabha Day, which will take place on Dec 15, 2015 (November 17 lunar calendar).

Preparation for Amitabha Day


For the success of the event, right before the 7-Day Retreat, all the relevant details of the ceremony; as the platform, flags, banners, slogans,…, have been prepared by team of monks and Buddhists at Hoang Phap pagoda. With the hope making a solemn, monumental ceremony and bringing holy experience to the participants on that great day, everyone tries his/her best doing the job as the sincere present from heart sent to Amita Buddha on his Day.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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