Preaching To Over 3000 Buddhists In Hue Province

Update: 13/04/2014
In response to the invitation of Venerable Abbot Thich Nhat Tue, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh came to witness the retreat opening ceremony and preached in the “Hoa Uu Dam”(Udumbara flowers) practice course, which was organized at Ngoc Anh pagoda and Giac The pagoda, Phu Thuong Commune, Phu Vang District, Thua Thien Hoa province on 12 April 2014 (Lunar 13 March, Horse year).

Preaching To Over 3000 Buddhists In Hue Province


Moreover, Venerable Master Thich Khe Chon –Permanent Member\r\nof executive council of Vietnam Buddhist association, Deputy Chief of Buddhist\r\nGuidance department  of Central Buddhist association , standing deputy\r\nhead  of  executive board  and concurrently Chief of Buddhist\r\nGuidance department of Thua Thien Hue province, Venerable Master Thich\r\nQuang Nhuan,  â€“ member of executive council of Vietnam Buddhist association,\r\nStanding Deputy Chief of the Central dharma propagation department of Vietnam Buddhist association, Deputy Chief of the executive board\r\nand concurrently

Chief of dharma propagation department of Vietnam Buddhist association of Thua Thien Hue Province and noble monks\r\nand nuns of the local area were also present at the ceremony.

More than 3000 Buddhists from Phu Vang District and\r\nneighboring areas of Thua Thien Hue province came to take part in the ceremony.

It is known that   although this is the first\r\nretreat organization in unfavorable terrain and facilities, the ceremony ended\r\nsuccessfully because of the organizers wishes of the beings benefitting propagation and the ideas of arousing vitality of Buddhism in Buddhists\r\nheart here. In addition, with the support of Hoang Phap pagodas monks,\r\nthe  Executive Board of Vietnam Buddhist association of – Phu Vang\r\nDistrict managed to establish synergy to hold the retreat on a large scale and\r\nin good methods and carefulness, which also enormously contributed to the\r\nsuccess of the retreat course

Being elated, Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh had a dharma talk\r\nto Buddhists and praised organizers’ active dharma propagation  in the\r\nevening of the same day.

   Through the meaning of the retreat course named\r\n" oa Ưu Đàm" - the flower represents a rare appearance of the great\r\nman, the good father – Sakyamuni. Once again, Senior Ven. honored Buddha\r\nShakyamuni  - who has been sounding the wake, saving beings  from the\r\nocean of sufferings and misfortune, and taking them to the enlightenment brink.\r\nWith brilliant mind   and infinite compassion, he has brought joy and\r\n deliverance to beings who constantly suffer miseries. He is also the\r\ngreat example for each Buddhist to follow  for further steps on the\r\njourney to reach the shore of enlightenment.

Senior Ven. also strongly advised that Buddhists had better\r\nnot only makes their self-effort in the Buddhas teaching practice, but also\r\nraise the spirit of dharma propagation . Furthermore, he encouraged Buddhists\r\nto vow  to bring Dharma to other people with their own ability so that\r\neveryone can enjoy happiness and peace.

 Senior Ven. believed that in the high spirit and\r\nenthusiasm of honored monks of organizer together with the diligent practice of\r\nBuddhists, there would be more Buddhists attending the next retreat and the\r\nretreat course would be held on a larger scale. Also, he promised to support\r\nBodhi-mandala here so that they could further promote the inherent strengths of\r\nthe land producing roots of the national religion.

On this occasion, Senior Ven. had donated 3000 VCD\r\n"Learning and  Practicing" to the Buddhists participating in the\r\nretreat.

The Dharma talk ended with the two verses that the\r\n organizers dedicated to Senior Ven. Thich Chan Tinh:

Dharma propagation on peaceful steps,
Impressed by your characteristic of harmony.

Here are some recorded images:


Translated by Duong Dang Huynh Anh.

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