Preaching Dharma at Phuoc Hau Patriarchs’ Hall –Vinh Long province

Update: 30/07/2014
On July 29th, 2014 (July 3rd, Horse year), Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, who was invited by Abbot Thich Phuoc Can, arrives at Phuoc Hau Halls, Dong Hau hamlet, Ngai Tu ward, Tra On district, Vinh Long province, to have a dharma talk.

Preaching Dharma at Phuoc Hau  Patriarchs’ Hall –Vinh Long province

Phuoc Hau  Patriarchs’ Hall, used to be\r\nknown as Luong Xuyen Buddhist Institute, where it was  spread the\r\nspirit of Buddhist studying wisely;  educated the talented monks for\r\nVietnam Buddhist Sangha in Southern Vietnam in 1934 – 1945. From here, there\r\nhave been talented monks had cultivated  and  brought\r\nBuddhist dharma’s  glorious light everywhere such as Founder  Khanh\r\nAnh, Most Venerable Thich Thien Hoa, Thich Thanh Tu, Thich Hoan Quan, Thich\r\nPhuoc Tu and so on,  till now is Most Venerable Thich Phuoc Can.\r\n\r\n

Phuoc Hau Halls have been in 5 times of rebuilding.\r\nUn like its splendor history, the monastery itself is not so huge, but it\r\nlocates at a picturesque position. In front of the whole architecture lies the\r\nHau River and the 34th asphalted road (national highway) lies right behind\r\nit, whose territory is filled with old huge trees. Most Ven. Phuoc Can is\r\nplanning to build the Garden of Sutras, which lies on the left if we walk from\r\nthe front gate, beside the lines of hopea trees. The garden is divided into two\r\nareas; the one is where the stones are carved with the Dharmapada from the\r\nsouthern school of Zen sect, and the other is where the stones are carved with\r\nDharmapada from the northern school of Zen sect. His purpose is to create a\r\nplace for Buddhists when they visit the place. Together with worshipping the\r\nBuddha, they can have a walk in the garden and read the sutra quotes helping\r\nthem understand what the Buddha taught in order to apply it in their daily\r\nlife, bring the peace and joy for themselves and for others. This is clearly a\r\ngood idea of his, lying in the wishes of a leave-home monk to proclaim Buddha’s\r\ndharma.


During the talk, the Sen. Venerable told about the\r\nprecious deeds from the patriarchs who initially created the monastery. When\r\nthe Buddha still existed, He was important. When He entered into nirvana, monks\r\nare essential. The rise and the fall of Buddhism depend on whether the studying\r\nand propagation of the monks or not. Now thanks to them, we are able to listen\r\nto dharma and to cultivate, which we must show our respect.  Although\r\nthey have died, but their merit and what they had done are still lasting in\r\nthis world. Ones being born will certainly be dead someday. We obviously know\r\nthe truth and prepare ourselves for the upcoming events. If you want to be a\r\ngood person in Buddha s’ world, you should be good at first in this world.


  At the end of the teaching, all are given a VCD of\r\n“Forward Process.”


 Here are the photos taken:


Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Mai Thao.

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