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Preaching at Tan Truc prison, Taipei province - Taiwan

Update: 27/08/2014
In the morning of August 26th, 2014, Superior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh, Monks and Buddhists came to Tan Truc prison, Taipei province, Taiwan to visit Vietnamese who were in prison. It is known that Tan Truc prison are keeping Vietnamese and foreigners who break Taiwan’s law.

Preaching at Tan Truc prison, Taipei province - Taiwan


Most of Vietnamese in prison here have special circumstance.\r\nSome save up for paying services of labor export owing to their difficult\r\nsituation, but they were cheated by brokers. Some are not only exploited but\r\nalso unpaid. So they must escape from the bosses to work illegally. They earn\r\nmoney to pay debt and send to their relatives. The group was touched when they\r\nheard unlucky lives here. It’s more heart-breaking when our fellow - citizens\r\nwere put in prison because of the desire to be out of poverty in foreign country.\r\nSuperior Venerable expressed deep sympathy. The Superior Venerable advised that\r\nthey should live optimistically to overcome days of darkness, start a new life\r\nwith Dharma belief and prepare future happiness by good action. Dharma gift and\r\nmoney were granted to them in hope that it would relieve their painful feeling\r\nthey were suffering.


In the evening, the Superior Venerable had the talk with\r\nBuddhist group at Buddhist Luong Tuyet Phi’s home that resides at Van Son area,\r\nTaipei city. He had some Dharma talk and hoped that they should unite together\r\npractice Buddha’s teaching and develop all aspects in life. At the end of the\r\nlecture, the Superior Venerable expressed some words of gratitude to the monks\r\nand Buddhists at Taiwan who sponsored for this Buddha’s affair and respectfully\r\nprayed Buddhas in ten directions for their merry body, mind and all things in\r\ngood fortune!


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Translated into English by To Le Van.

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