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Preaching at Linh Quang Pagoda - Nam Dinh

Update: 17/06/2016
In the morning of 16 June, 2016 (12 May, Monkey year), Senior Venerable Chan Tinh visited Linh Quang pagoda, Chuong Nghia village, Nghia Chau commune, Nghia Hung district, Nam Đinh province to preach for Buddhists following the invitation of Bhandanta Thich Minh Thanh abbot.

Preaching at Linh Quang Pagoda - Nam Dinh


In the Dharma talk, The Venerable presented 3 issues that Buddhists must be mindful :

1/ Reciting at the Pagoda, Listening the Dharma:

To exactly understand the Buddha’s teachings, Buddhists must chant , listen to Dharma, deal with good friends; they should not be intolerant, just chant one scripture , because of enomous studying and much of listening, they will have wisdom. Buddha is a great wisdom. Studying Buddhism, we must get wisdom to make career.

2/ Offering Triple Jewel:

Buddhists have 4 kinds : monks, nuns, Upasaka (laymen), Upasika (laywomen). In short, the two are Pravrajya (home-leaving monks and nuns)and Lay Buddhists. Pravrajya’s duty is to guide Buddhists practise at home. Lay Buddhists concern to offer physical things for the Three noble Jewels. However, offerings must have wisdom. They do not  include candies, beers, meat, etc. We should know what the needs of temple to worship, which will have more benefits. We should not use the change sticking in the Buddha’s, Bodhisattva’s hands. We should offer money into the blessing box.

3/ Guiding children to study Buddhism at the pagoda:

Youth is the future of family, society and country. Everyone wants their children to become a good person, intelligent pupils, so they must take care of moral education for their children. There are families that parents are devout Buddhists but their children get married to other religious partner, causing unhappiness for family. In order for family to be happy, keep traditional roots, parents should guide their children to study Dharma, take refuge of Triple Jewel.

That is the content which the Venerable lectured to Buddhists.

Ending of preaching, the Venerable gave Buddhists a VCD “Eight worldly dharma”.

Belowed are these recorded photos:


Translated into English by Bui Ngoc Trinh.

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