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Update: 23/03/2014
Each person has a particular fate. Fortunate or unfortunate, happy or miserable, like no one else. Each piece of life will write a story, draw a picture. In particular, we are artists and society are the colors that adorn paintings. But good but people do not know or use a user account that does not have the drawing pen can not create a picture of perfection.

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As humans , who also wish I had a happy life , happy, loved, sheltered and transported cover . It could be a simple thing for anyone , but for me , or you have more difficult circumstances , it is indeed a good thing too far .

I was born and grew up in a poor family . My parents had to work hard , extremely hard to raise three small children wild . Though poor , yet emotionally rich , still filled with laughter . It is a great happiness of her childhood . But Jacob , that happiness is short . Incurable disease that killed her mother that loves the most . Leaving three young children , and ailing husband . Eleven -year-old , her mother was not there . Trade least brothers , it was too small to endure the pain , the loss .

A gong back his father suffered three adopted children , warning " rooster child " should make everyone feel bitter . Three brothers always obeyed her father and try to help announce the housework . When our children as adults, school-age children , the family is even more difficult . The bigger , the pain of loss as deeply ingrained in the minds of our children . Seeing other kids were loving mother , comforted that her tears fell . I wish my mother was alive . So its good to know how . Her brother s childhood as the days go hand lack of maternal care , deprivation and hardship . Many times she cried , cried a lot . But look dad , look at me like that , I had to hide the tears , trying to cheer up dad , you, I did not bother . My father who sacrifices personal happiness , always work hard , just as the father had a mother , protecting the life of the child . I know very, very sad but perhaps the fathers tears did flow penetrates inside . Look for dark circles eyes anxious , thin body of published work , then give me more love more . Government announced that people create for her beliefs firmly . Sometimes , I was thinking why why I like this format and I cried , but it will make me more grief and soft . You know , despite losing his mother , the poor , are living in destitution but she still announced , an exemplary father . Im not with you , but still more fortunate than others . I always thought , consoling myself that I should try . Were always trying to learn and help dad . My father always told that " Only school , new children suffer less . The children get the education that the code words " .

You understand a growing society , can only help people learn new information more complete , better life and put his escape poverty .

These worries for rice life money , has made me tired, frustrated . But then I suddenly awakened , because his life was that, instead of coal , the body responsible his fate to try to change it . I wish I could learn to graduate college with a degree with honors , taking the knowledge learned brought me help, built for her family , but her poor hometown love .

I know Im not smart , not eligible to be purchased as you participate in computer classes or more . But you ll save time , have learned to work hard just to earn more extra money announced . Doing more strenuous but whether she has the money , the genuine coins and help me learn more knowledge of life, making her more agile , more vivacious . What I did not know the questions to ask your teacher . I know , you answered my question . Helping each other progress . Get the motto " you must know, must ask , would they have to learn " , to clearly aware that learning how to learn to do , set goals and strive for . The school primarily for myself , my future . Then , because I wanted to repay the favor of the father , who loved helping me a lot. And if the latter condition , Ill help you small as her unfortunate condition . Only new school helps me do that. It will help me expand knowledge , improve ourselves , out of poverty . I have good conditions , then we shall be able to help others.

The way she learned of her life is like that. Its too thorny . Not knowing someday she may also be eligible to go to school no more ? Thats what always makes me nervous. Go to school or do anything that requires about money , tuition fees , living expenses ... and so should schools have boarding away from home , to spend more money . I have earned as each contract , saving , eating less well, but still not enough . Her village doctor who also injured , but also to help the poor who also should not be much help . The school , the local has also facilitated borrowing her family but still not enough . Every time a new school , new school year is beginning to worry about my dad . These plots arid , semi sweet potatoes are not incurring fees compared to those millions of children ? Sometimes I think and said to his father , "Daddy , do not have money , then I leave school , I go do it " , even though thats what I do not want to . But the father does not agree . Dad said : " My parents were suffering and , despite suffering more, you also have to learn ." She declared she loved much .

When records Scholarship " Nurturing intellectual " , I do not know if I have not received any more scholarships . But I still hope , still making records . School year to need a lot of money , but her family conditions so difficult , not knowing where to get more money to be able to continue her education . Tuition rising everyday while her family back conditions tight . Difficulties piled difficult .

So , I look forward to receiving this scholarship , getting help from donors , from the monks . I would love to receive this scholarship . First of all I will have the money to pay tuition , buy books and school supplies . My father would worry less than , less burdensome , less hard than somewhat . This is really a precious gift for me and for those you have difficulty with the desire to go to school . I was going to school , going to school , closer to the dream that I want to make. If you receive this scholarship , I promise to use it for school , for the dream to his unfinished . I promise to try to do better , go merits regardless of the foster parents , the family , the teachers and the people who have loved and helped me a lot .

Nguyen Thi Quy

Hue University of Economics , Faculty of Business Administration 

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