Verses of Ven.Thich Chan Tinh

Poor Saigon

Update: 28/08/2021

Poor Saigon

Saigon, what a pity!
How boring April is!
Two thousand and twenty – one.
The summer sunshine,
Raindrops begin,
Empty roads, empty streets,
Lines of trees stop shaking.
No sound of laughing,
And singing, too.
Just ambulance siren in distant,
So noisy,
Around the streets,
Bitterly cold the raindrops are.
Schools and factories have to be closed.
Others in the same status,
But urgent field hospitals
Keep opening more,
Patients and died people
Increasingly number day by day,
Due to Coronavirus'
Spreading seriously.
The splendor city
Has never slept before,
But now,
Become devastated.
The poor and hunger,
Puzzle in the big city.
The crying and groans
Here and there
Are never predicted,
This glamour city
Is now full of
Heart – rending crying
Who did it?
The sorrow funerals,
People or animals?
Dear human beings!
Let’s wake up.
Owing to greed, anger and ignorance,
Losing yourself.
You destroy the environment,
Kill animals.
As people destroying natural environment,
We suffer from being revengeful
Floods occur around the country,
Epidemic spreads widely,
This obvious cause and effect,
Cannot be avoided.
This responsibility should be taken,
No Gods punish you,
For the peaceful world,
Human beings are happy.
Protect yourself,
Please save the environment.
Restrict greed,
Control anger and worry,
So that natural disasters
Would stop.
Dear Saigon,
Be strong,
Come over Covid pandemic,
Dark clouds go away,
The sky will become clearer.
Smiles will happen on everyone’s face.




August 15th, 2021.

Chan Tinh

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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