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Patience in Both Good and Bad Condition.

Update: 03/07/2016
A thought of hatred and anger arises because one does not get his desire and greedy, or one gets something but he scares of losing it.

Patience in Both Good and Bad Condition.


Therefore, it is great when one consents to his mind. However, there are many unpleasant things in the world. That is why one gets angry in his mind. Flaring up is the anger. Resenting, getting fierce, vindictive hatred are also anger. 


Truly, anger arising is harmful to human. Once one gets angry, the body issues die a lot.  Mind easily gets unsafe and body easily gets sick. Thus, anger arising gets oneself the most harmful.


Moreover, when the anger is not dealt with problem clearly, we make an argument, rely on power, get angry to conduct the problem. It only makes others fear us in a moment but nothing. Thus, we recognize that the one with passion has more chance of success. People do not respect the one who easily gets angry and makes the other fear. We should make attempt to cultivate our character for help ourselves and the others.


How to eliminate thought of hatred and anger? The best way is settling every roots, getting clearly that anger arising is useless. One will get alright when his mind does not get angry. It is useless since we get angry if we are unpleasant with things happening. When we get angry, we will abuse of each other, or get an argument which is harmful either to others or us. Therefore, we should listen other opinions and compassionate  the others’ suffering wholeheartedly. Thought of hatred and anger will decrease.


There is one getting angry immediately when something happens. We all know that getting angry is not a good thing, and they also do not want to get angry. But it is hard to change the long-time bad habit.


Seeing that one, even not applying concept, we usually advise people to use the method that monitoring the breath and thought when they get angry. It is very lucky when we could breathe. Fretting gradually decreases. One facing to the angry person should endure to prevent from bad things. Therefore, Sakyamuni Buddha used to say that Merit and Virtue of endurance is much than merit and virtue of holding precept and ascetic practices. We do not endure not only to difficult condition but also to good condition. Because in good condition, we are usually self-satisfied; and in difficult condition, thought of hatred and anger arises. Thus, we should keep calm without being self-satisfied. This is wise endurance.


It is said that endurance is suffering. Therefore, facing to unpleasant problem, they usually say “Let it be! I try to suffer it.” Truly, endurance is not repressing the anger or getting injustice but containing hot-tempered action, not reacting immediately. Because we should know the reason of problem first. Then, based on appropriate chance, we could react logically so that the problem could be wholly solved. People always pay attention about comments and their appearances. In fact, there are many normal things; because of a few appearance, one struggles

for goodness and badness with the others, even using their live. It is a pity!


Therefore, we should not impose others, and let ourselves fully satisfied with a swagger. We should think that when we get angry, whether others also will be as same as us.


If both of them get angry, an argument must be happened. If it is just only one gets angry while other does not, he himself gets harmful. Even though they also gets harmful, they have less delusion, so he gets more harmful than them.


Understanding clearly this thing, when thought of hatred and anger arises in the next time, we should be calm down to create ourselves a back way as well as an approaching way to others. Both sides will not be obstructed.

Venerable Master Sheng Yen

Translated into English by Cam Nhung.

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