Parents’ deep love

Update: 28/08/2021

Parents’ deep love


I live in this life

Thanks to parents’ favor is as high as the mountain

Mother has to suffer from heaviness and giving birth, raising, breasting,

She is willing to do it.

I grow up strongly

Due to Father's working hard to earn money

He sacrifices for my better life

No matter how hard it is, just for me being happier.

No matter how the life is ups and downs

He becomes emaciated for my young life

I become prettier and better

My parents become weaker and older.

With wrinkles, gray hair, and weakness,

Their love is unmeasurable

Mother is the safe station

Father is the fulcrum for me.

Although the seas dry up and the rocks decay

Parents' love of children for the whole life

Parent’s favor is as immense as the sea

I will never forget it for my whole life.


Thích Chân Tính

Translated into English by Nguyen Hoang Thoai

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