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Overcoming of obstructing conditions.

Update: 21/07/2015
Question: How do I do when my folks object to my studying the Buddhism, praying to the Buddha and reciting the Buddhist sutra?

Overcoming of obstructing conditions.


In this situation, firstly, you have to find out the reason why they object to your studying the Buddhism. Maybe they have some prejudices about the Buddhism, such as learning the Buddhism is superstitious. It makes you will be stupid or negative, not positive for taking all to myself or they fear you will leave home  to be a monk/nun after learning Buddhism, etc. You should find out the main cause and then depending on the situation to resolve.

 Mostly, when the family attitude is relatively intense, you should obey a bit instead of obduracy. According to their decision does not mean that you do not study Buddhism anymore, from which you are able to learn in secret. For instant, reciting the Buddha's names in the mind and so on. Then, leading the merits received by reciting the Buddha's names and the Buddhist sutra,  praying to the Buddha to the relatives.

We have to be a good son has a deep respect for our parents. If we get married, we must have responsibilities with family. In the company, we must excellently do the job and show the moral lifestyle, the harmony and wisdom. From the change in your personality, they will realize that learning the Buddhist doctrine will help you be better than before. Thus, they do not oppose that anymore and agree and support you to study Buddhism. If they still disapprove, it is clear that your words and deeds do not still create good impression to them.

 We have to solve this issue skillfully, not stubborn. At the time of the cultural revolution, the government did not allow people to read the Buddhist sutras.  There were many people who learned and cultivated the Buddhism, used to the ingenious means. For example, in front of no one, they read it. If someone was coming, they put a Red Flag magazine above it and pretended to read the magazine. After they went away, they continued reading the Buddhist sutra below. Any problems were also solved by its way!

The expounder: Thich Dai An

Translated into Vietnamese by Tinh Son. Source: http://www.fjdh.cn/fjask/2012/12/061932200752.html

 Translated into English by On Thi Ngoc Thao.

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