Our life is as a cup of tea

Update: 03/03/2018
Vậy là một mùa xuân nữa trôi qua, không khí rộn ràng của những ngày đầu năm chốn già lam Hoằng Pháp dần lắng xuống. Sau những ngày bộn bề với công việc hình như tôi đã tự bỏ quên mình. Hôm nay, trong không gian yên bình, tôi tự thưởng cho mình, pha một bình trà, nhìn làn khói nóng bốc lên tôi thả hồn vào những dòng suy nghĩ.

Our life is as a cup of tea


Our life is as a cup of tea, in any case, full or not full, hot or cold, intense or insipid, all of them also have its own aftertaste.

Humans are the same, unlike the others, each of us own an ideal, a private lifestyle, some of them nurture a wealthy dream, some wish to have a comfortable life, but some just need a peaceful spirit etc.

Nevertheless, in the scrambled life, it is hard to be in state without worries, sorrow, and affection.

People always follow the flighty things in front of them; so they forget about the real worth of a human"s life.

In fact, sometimes, our life is much more easier than what we think. However, we often turn them into a bundle of mess then we are absorbed in looking for the answers for a peaceful life in the future.

 A cup of tea, full is also good or drying up a half is still fine too, human lives are the same, why do we have to fight for something? Intense is also good or insipid is still fine, they still own their private tastes. Hasty is also good or even slowly is fine as well, so what are the problems? Warm is also good or cold is still fine too, just smiling when we look at the others.

 In this life, we will be suffered because of paying attention and suspicions; being happy because of making neglection of something and frugality.

We are just passers-by of this world, there are many things that we can"t seize control; therefore, just let it go as it has to!

 Tasting tea in mouthfuls, listening to Trinh"s music, peering at this life as his philosophy ways, the mundane dust is still unstable surrounding here, the sorrows in our heart can not shake off. Closing our eyes to feel them by our heart. Just a short time but it seems we can see some pieces of life. The hidden corners of this life are revealed silently. The rain was dropping down, I laid my hand to feel it. However, the sun had raised before i could feel it. Breathing a deep breath, stepping out to the street, ignoring the notch raising highly in the illusion of life.

 Maybe, plaintiveness, grievance, or sublimation from this life become one for each of Trinh"s musical note, it can touch our hidden heart"s corner, making our soul in peace extraordinarily. There is not stuck of scramble, gross, or flight. There is no worries about earning for living. Deep in our heart is the light of belief and hope, it is also the tiny light leading us to go on our own ways.

 This life is very quietly, and also very fond without any waves. If you would like to have a truly peaceful and comfortable life such as a high music note which passer-byes and then the aftertaste is the bass notes accumulating so we should filter to get the most essential and quintessential life to re-build our new dreams, new ambitions, and new ways.

 Experiencing every leisure step in a peaceful road, our heart is getting happily. It seems that there is something warm and safe as we are getting back to our native land. We do not have to deal or perform, or not to have to worry anything about going to take place anymore. Just being here, you will be taken out of the tiny space of requirements and sorrow by the awake foot. Going, just keep going because we do not need to reach the end of the road. Just going, being let down, being relief in our heart. Just these small things; however, we have had spending a lot of years to look for them unsuccessfully.

 In this life, there are many things that we want but we can"t own. There is also something, we want it or not, they always lead to the same results. Not that life is charming or God"s playing games. It is because we sowed causes from the previous lives. Thus, we want it or not, we should live fully our life. Let"s love people who deserve to be loved, do the good things if we can. Working, it is not for seeking fame, fortune, and beauty. Working, just for gardening merits and virtues so that it will have more good things in this world.

 Therefore, in this human life, we commitment every single second when we live. It does not mean we are greedy to live, it means that we should not waste a human existence. To be a human, it is a wonderful thing!!!

Translated into English by Duong Dang Huynh Anh

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