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Opening Spring - Opening Mind

Update: 04/02/2017
A new day begins. The great bell rings for a long time, from louder gradually to smaller … from slowly to fast, deep affection as well as love that wakes up many people after a long night dream and tears the stupid mind. Then, the place of meditation starts a new day.

Opening Spring - Opening Mind


In the cold of New Year's Day, the Buddhists were not lazy, so they should increase diligent efforts. Making blankets neatly, they silently read the verse:

"Waking up with smiles
In twenty four hours of purity
We vow to live fully
By cherish eyes looking at life"

Then let's have a big smile to know that we are existing. Opening the window lets the cold wind blow in every corner of the room for our hearts spread across all species and for the happiness we know is really near. Mindfulness is simply in a breath as if fresh atmosphere of the earth is received, of the tolerant patience; with a breath as releasing all the negativity of the dispute, love and disfavor, and anger ... Happiness is inside the door that we do not expect them to just figure out the key that breath and smile will open the door to receive the peace of mind.

Like a river carrying heavy silt for fertile land, like all creatures taking food for life-sustaining, such trees absorbing water to make leaves green… Also, cultivated people with spiritual truth must always take meticulous practice as the foundation. Morning prayer session always starts very early. When night is still asleep in the silence, monk’s robes are symbolized for noble and ethereal attitude, worn by those who are seeking peace of mind and brought their happiness to share with others in a spirit of "self’s benefits- others’ benefits”".

Prayer session started at 4 a.m. After reciting the praise of Buddha and kowtow The Three Germs, people continued reciting Lankavatara Sutra.The sound of bell accompanying with monk’s voice of recitation in every word, every sentence which seemed to penetrate in the mind of people:

"…Great heroes, great energy and great compassion
Help clean our anger, ignorance and sorrow
To early reach enlightenment place
Sitting at the immense with ten directions

Emptiness can dissipate
But our permanent vows never wave."

These are verses in Lankavatara Sutra, caused by Ananda, the victim of Matanga, Then, he found enlightenment vows to praise the Buddha. When Ananda encountered Matanga’s obstacles; thanks to the timely awakening, he remembered thinking of the Buddha, Doctrine, Monks and the protection of the rule should not be fallen. With some characteristics such as handsome, intelligent, gentle elegant, and rich emotion ... Ananda did not only passionate the girls who pursuit, but also some mental nuns who cherish. In monk’s life, each person mind look like a psychological battle in which mind and emotion are always strongly fighting each other. If mind is a winner, we will be the Buddha or Patriarch; if emotion wins, we still are normal people; but ultimately, it is not said that the monks should like wood, stone, dry trees, cold ash, without a certain emotion. As a result, a monk can be loved. But that feeling should be derived from the basis of understanding and loving heart, not for any personal benefits, not craving sensual, and it always keeps the interest of equality, peace towards all beings to liberation. Meanwhile, the monks will not be attached to the romance, but they can convey the message of the doctrine of love to all beings, just as the spirit of compassion and giving fun and sufferings which the Buddha taught. The love and skillful teaching from the Buddha finally transforms sexual greed of Matanga that woke her up and returned to the bright sky, becoming the exemplary nun. Matanga transferred from a normal person with sexual greed to religious life. It's a beautiful story, which has been handed and reminded the Sangha from several thousand years. Reading and thinking the story, I understand more about the risk of craving to beings, particularly for monks/nuns. As a result, the venerable taught us that “Without be careful of craving, people can be still in samsara”. Therefore, when we are attracted by a beautiful girl, we see them as a "ghost" for fear and turning. In fact, there is no ghost who is just beautiful, and speaking smooth words like honey pouring into the ears, with nice eyes attracting viewers ... The 'ghost' that monks should fear and be in precaution is the ghost of every mind, the desire for money, sexuality, position, appetite and sleep. Once the monks win such ghosts, they will feel more slightly toward liberation.

After the prayer session, we returned to monk’s accommodation to take monk’s robes off and started working hours. The broom was brushed on the field to gather dust, carrying on their mission of Buddha that is also trying to clean up the garden of sorrow and greedy mind, revealing the true mind. Outside, the sun had yet to break dark night, but inside each person, there is a "sun" of the liberating truth was shining and illuminating. Let us go on our own feet, and rely on the Buddhist scripture and commandment to firmly go. There will always be a path that we keep on moving forward; the path that brings peace to us and all beings; and the path when I die, we just smile saying goodbye softly.

Tâm Lực

Translated into English by Huynh Thi Khanh Phung.

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