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One-day Retreat of Buddha Reciting and Taking Refuge Ceremony in Ha Nam City – Korea

Update: 09/05/2016
In the morning of 8th May.2016 (lunar 2nd April. Monkey year), by Buddhists’ invitation, Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh and Hoang Phap pagoda’s monks came to Thanh Van pagoda (Ha Nam city) to organize Buddha’s birthday and take refuge ceremony for Vietnamese Korean at Gyeonggi-do province and the neighboring area.

One-day Retreat of Buddha Reciting and Taking Refuge Ceremony in Ha Nam City – Korea


Venerable Cheong-un, Thanh Van’s pagoda abbot, was very pleased to lend his pagoda as a place for Vietnamese  Korean to hold the program. Moreover, he also informed the BTN Buddhist television station to film and broadcast the ceremony so that people could understand Vietnamese Buddhist custom better. Right before the ceremony time, Senior and Venerable had a conversation about Buddhism. Venerable invited Senior to the later international Buddha’s affairs of Thanh Van pagoda; Senior also expressed a polite invitation to Korean Venerable to visit Hoang Phap pagoda on Amitabha Buddha’s birthday – a great ceremony, when he is in Vietnam.

Flower Offering dance of Buddhists began the Buddha’s Birth Day program. Next was a declaration of Senior about the ceremony’s reasons and then he invited venerable Cheong-un for a speech. Venerable supposed Vietnam-Korea relationship is getting closer as nowadays there is a huge number of Korean who are working in Vietnam and vice versa. Therefore, he hoped that Thanh Van pagoda would be the second home of Vietnamese Buddhists and would be a place to free from evil and defilement, reconcile delusion gradually when any suffering occurs.

At the end of the ceremony, in the joyfulness of expatriate children, all present recited the Buddha sutra solemnly peacefully and sincerely.

 At beginning of the afternoon, Senior had a dharma talk to the Buddhists. Through this dharma he advised everyone that all the suffering is from lust, hatred and delusion of ourselves not from the changing of living circumstances. Thus, to escape from delusion and corollary of daily life, we have to consider our body and mind as doing good deeds, thinking thoughtfully to achieve wholesome consequence. It is impossible that we do the evil but we wish for advantages.

After the preaching, Senior held the taking refuge ceremony for good men and believing women. He explained three provisions, repentance and five percepts definition in detail with concise and brief words. In addition, he talked about the benefit of taking refuge and following five percepts. He also instructed the necessary imposing of a Buddhist when going to pagoda.

Two books “Human Life” and “Retreat is Development” were presented to each good men and believing women by Senior at the end of the ceremony as a dharmaratna gift.

 We recorded some below pictures at the ceremony:

Translated into English by Nguyen Thi Tham.

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