One-Day Retreat in Cambodia

Update: 01/04/2015
In the morning of March 28th, 2015 (Feb 10th , Goat Year), from Senior Venerable Thich Chan Tinh ’s instruction, the monks of Hoang Phap Pagoda - Vietnam came to Hoang Phap Pagoda – in Cambodia to assist some organization services for the one -day retreat.

One-Day Retreat in Cambodia


In this retreat, Ven. Thich Tam\r\nHuong of  HCMC Hoang Phap shared the Dharma talk\r\non the topic "Support of the Triple Gem". He helped\r\nBuddhists to understand clearly about assisting Three Treasures, the\r\nway of how to accurately help to the Buddhist’s spirit.\r\nHe said:

 â€œThe Buddhists leaving or staying home when receiving\r\nDharma and practicing the Buddha's teachings, they also have the duty and\r\nresponsibility to support the Triple Gem. They\r\nare Triple Jewels (Buddha, Dharma, Sangha), a good rice-field\r\nand fertile ground. Human beings are the seeds in which each seed was\r\nsown and will certainly be fruitful.

To support the Triple Gem, Buddhists should:

 1. Practicing the life of a layman in following\r\ndetailed activities:

- Keeping the five precepts.

- Practicing ten good deeds.

- In living and working, they always direct to\r\ngood things that depend on the Buddha’s spirit.

2. Respectively offering The Three Jewels

3. Participating Buddha-affairs on\r\ntheir condition and possibilities voluntarily and self-consciously

In addition, a layman should\r\ndetermine propagation that is also an extremely important\r\nBuddha-work, sharing responsibility with the ordination. A layman should\r\nnot forget that the goal of cultivating to enlighten is the common goal of\r\nboth home –leaving person and house - holders, and both have\r\nthe same responsibility supporting the Triple Gem. The\r\ndifference is that each, according to the circumstances and conditions to\r\npractice, carries out the target about practicing for enlightenment as\r\nwell as assisting the Three Jewels. However, a layman, when practicing\r\nand contributing to the Buddha work, must show humility, respect Buddha\r\nand Monks and finish the role helping the Three Jewels and\r\nsetting a good example for the public to increase belief of Buddhism.

End of the talk, the Buddhists are extremely happy\r\nwhen understanding clearly about their role and responsibilities\r\nto the Three Jewels so that they has more right awareness of\r\nupholding the Dharma.

The following are some taken photos:


Translated into English by Nguyen Kha Vi.

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