Retreat for Students

One Day Retreat for Students

Update: 03/07/2017
On Sunday Jul 02, 2017, nearly 800 students from universities, colleges and high schools from Ho Chi Minh City and other regions came to Hoang Phap Pagoda to attend the One-Day Retreat for Students.

One Day Retreat for Students



Early in the morning, students gathered at the pagoda to be ready for the retreat. After breakfast, participants went to the main hall for the orientation session to get used to activities in pagoda environment and etiquettes for Buddhist. Then the retreat started with Buddha's name recitation.


The mass was filled with laughter during the Dharma talk “Age of Twenty” from Venerable Thich Tam Chanh. From two main ideas mentioned in the lecture: love and ambition of the twenties, the Venerable evoked the youth’s awareness of love and wish/ambition in life. The retreat continued with Q&A session on the subject. The atmosphere of the main hall was quite exciting and lively during the time.


In the afternoon, participants were divided into groups for team activities, communication and Buddhism discussion. This is a good opportunity for the youth sharing their queries and concerns in studying, daily life or thoughts directly to the monks and getting help.


The Retreat ended in the joys of all. Each participant received a Dharma gift including three booklets: “It’s normal”, “Good Luck-Bad Luck” and “Donation” written by the Abbot of Hoang Phap pagoda.


Following are the recorded photographs:



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