Retreat for Students

One Day Retreat for Students

Update: 21/05/2017
Today May 21, 2017 (April 26, lunar calendar), more than 1.300 youths from universities and colleges in Ho Chi Minh City gather at Hoang Phap Pagoda to attend the One-Day Retreat for Students.

One Day Retreat for Students


After breakfast in the morning, all come to the main hall to recite the Repentance Sutra under the guidance of the monks.

Then comes the Dharma talk from Senior Venerable Thich Quang Thien, Buddhism professor for Vietnam Buddhism Study Institute (Intermediate and Advanced level) in HCMC, abbot of Tinh Quang pagoda, District 12, with the subject "Your Choice". For more than an hour, the Senior Venerable has presented issues related to choices in life of young students, who represent the intellectual class nowadays.

In this topic, the Venerable has shown students that in life, we always stand in front of events ad circumstances that we need to take the right option. In order to do so without any regret in future, we should be mindful and have criteria/ norms for our choices. There are many choices that can bring us happiness and joy while others may bring us misery and failures.

Each of us goes on the chosen way and is solely responsible for our decision. Therefore, we must be very cautious in making decision to avoid the wrong one, otherwise we may gather suffering instead of benefit or happiness.

This is a very practical topic for students today. As soon as youths leave school to join the workforce, there are many available offers for them to make the right choice. Lacking of a right view may lead people to fallen situations or bad future for themselves and even their offspring.

In the afternoon, participants keep on the retreat at the main hall. After meditation session with the monks of Hoang Phap pagoda, the mass listens to the talk from Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh Tan, lecturer for the Asia Pacific Young Talent Training Center, with the topic "Who Are Our Close Friends".

Living in this life, everyone needs and has friends. Nevertheless, have we ever spent a moment considering about friends? A close friend is not only the one staying in our mind, but also the one supporting/sharing with us events of life as sadness, joy, success or failure. Many young people think that best friends come from schools, classes, neighborhood, or life. Just a few ones acknowledge that best friends are the ones who are ready to accompany with us in good/bad situations, help us without any agenda, love us and sacrifice for us. They are the family with siblings and parents, in which, parents are the greatest and most important best friends. The air in the auditorium gets quiet and thoughtful with touching stories from the lecturer. Somewhere, people can see drops of tear during his meaningful sharing. Hope that the youths can turn those emotions and tears into active actions as changing the behaviors in the family and love the truly friends they have been granted in life.

The Retreat ended in the joys of all. Each student received a Dharma gift including booklets: “Fixing Your Errors” and “We Are Happy And Lucky”.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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