Retreat for Students

One Day Retreat for Students

Update: 05/03/2017
On Mar 05, 2017 (Feb 08, lunar calendar), more than 1200 students from universities and colleges in HCM City attend the First One-Day Retreat-for-Student of year 2017 at Hoang Phap pagoda.

One Day Retreat for Students


After breakfast, the youths gather at the main auditorium to listen to the Dharma talk from Reverend Thich Tri Minh, lecturer at Vietnam Buddhist Institute in Ho Chi Minh City. In commemoration of the renunciation day of Gautama Buddha, the Venerable shares about the topic "the Youth’s Will".

Citing stories of the monks in Buddha’s time, the Venerable has the overview about Will, the effort achieving a goal or target that we have set in life. Will is important because it makes our mission and vision realizable. Otherwise, things will get sluggish with lots of obstacles and the achievement cannot perform at best.

However, to have good achievement based on a strong will, it is necessary to have the tri-conditions: right time, right place and right people. The Reverend analyzes and explains things clearly to the young audience so that each of them can build up a keen, strong will to have the real success in life.

The Reverend ends the Dharma talk with the eight benefits of a strong-willed person who can:

1. Maintain a long-term job.

2. Endure through hardships.

3. Avoid anger in whatever situation.

4. Redo and try several times after failures.

5. Overcome the discouragement.

6. Diminish the lust in mind.

7. Decrease negative emotions.

8. Promote the spiritual life.

In the afternoon, the organizer introduces a brand new activity to students. After meditation course, the mass is divided into eight groups to talk and share with the clergy group leader. This is the precious occasion for the youths closing with renunciants to study more about Dharma. The story of Buddha’s life has been shared and the practical concerns and queries of youths have been released. Besides, there are Dharma puzzle program and music performance bringing the refreshment and laughs to the retreat. It is a funny, joyful and helpful afternoon to all.

In the retreat, the organizer also launches two competitions “Design Vesak platform" and "Write about your feelings of Buddha's life". All entries should be sent to the organizer not later than April 15, 2017 via the email

Each participant receives a book:” The story of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva” before leaving. The retreat ends in the joys of all.

Following are the recorded photographs:


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